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squarejeanjp2.jpgAs CEO of RSM, I’m always on the move working with RSM member firms in over 100 countries around the world. My travel gives me a unique perspective on both local challenges facing businesses and global trends shaping their future in a shifting economic landscape.

International accountancy has always been a fast-paced, exciting and rewarding industry. As technical as it may seem, our industry is also very much a people business. Through this blog, I plan on sharing with you  insights from my colleagues, our clients and other industry leaders which I hope you find interesting. And of course, I will keep you updated with news from within the RSM World.

I hope you enjoy reading.

Jean Stephens

RSM Business Resilience Report: entrepreneurship for growth and success

30 November 2015
Jean M Stephens
Upon the publication of our second Business Resilience Survey, I would like to reflect on the findings and examine the relationship between company culture and business success.

United in Understanding

20 November 2015
Jean M Stephens

A day to be proud

26 October 2015
Jean M Stephens
Today, 26 October 2015, is a defining day for RSM and the partners and staff of each RSM member firm as we come together under one name and brand – RSM.

Business in the balance: Peru’s fight to remain an emerging market

21 October 2015
Jean M Stephens
Continuing our series on frontier and emerging markets, we focus here on Peru – a country which was recently rated by CNN as one of the best emerging market cities for startups.

National Champions announced

4 September 2015
Jean M Stephens
The excitement is beginning to build for the European Business Awards 2015/16, following the announcement of the National Champions on 1 September.

Frontier markets: Sub-Saharan Africa and the threat of success

19 August 2015
Jean M Stephens
Following a blogs on the BRIC and MINT economies, this next series of blogs will explore 'frontier markets'.

Emerging markets: judging by GDP

6 August 2015
Jean M Stephens
The Financial Times recently highlighted a disparity between the classifications of emerging markets and the state of their economies due to a plethora of GDP data.

Breaking Boundaries: The Power of Diversity

9 July 2015
Jean M Stephens
This week, I would like to share two articles which have caught my attention.

RSM Academy – Strong relationships built on understanding

3 July 2015
Jean M Stephens
Last month, RSM ran its 9th annual RSM Academy welcoming its 479th graduate since it began in 2007. The programme sees RSM’s future leaders gather in Eindhoven, Netherlands, for a challenging week which sets out to improve their leadership skills, global awareness and how to work in multinational and multicultural teams.

RSM: A network united under one name

11 June 2015
Jean M Stephens
Today, we mark a watershed moment for the RSM network, as we announce the adoption of ‘RSM’ as a single global brand name. The brand name is accompanied by both a new strapline, “The power of being understood” and logo. There is no understating the importance of this decision.


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