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Business process improvement

RSM creates targeted solutions that help organisations solve complex business problems.

From assessing operational effectiveness, measuring performance opportunities for improved productivity, and leveraging alternative modelling services, RSM can assist businesses to improve management, increase efficiency and transparency, reduce, if not eliminate, of functional redundancies, and better utilise infrastructure.


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How can we help you?

We will empower you to understand what is happening in your business now and make predictions about future events, to implement cost reduction or growth strategies, improve risk management and to improve productivity.

Our services include:

    Predictive modelling services

  • Predictive modelling services use the latest machine learning and AI techniques to leverage historical data to make reliable predictions about the future, enabling you to plan and act with confidence.

    Business process analytics and performance improvement

  • Business process analytics and performance improvement can create improved productivity and process efficiency by embedding analytics into key areas of operations. This includes process optimisation and business modelling, where inefficiencies are identified and acted upon to help achieve Key Performance Indicators.

    Procurement analytics

  • Procurement analytics provides an accurate and granular view of categorised spend across your organisation. Through detailed analysis and interactive dashboards, we identify strategic procurement initiatives to save costs, identify fraud and ensure compliance.


  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services utilise specialist tools to automate repeatable business processes, reduce staff costs and minimise human error. Automation can be supercharged by injecting cognitive technologies such as machine learning, AI and speech recognition, allowing them to manage complex business processes with minimal human intervention.

    Risk measurement services

  • Risk measurement services include analytics to identify risk events and measure your business performance against defined risk thresholds to predict, prepare and deploy proactive intervention strategies.

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Data Analytics Services?


High levels of stock loss

The client was experiencing high levels of stock loss and suffered an instance of fraud and stock theft. We were engaged to analyse levels of adjustments made to their stock and create a process that provided early warning of potential problems.


We developed a stock adjustment monitoring process that:

  • Used linear regression models to set benchmark levels of adjustment expected across the different warehouses and product ranges
  • Developed a monitoring algorithm to identify where levels of adjustment were deviating from expected ranges
  • Overlayed control rules to flag exceptions
  • Developed a dashboard to highlight branches and product ranges that were a cause for concern
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