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Workforce Success Software

What is Tanda?

Tanda is an industry-agnostic Workforce Success Software, which allows you to build perfect rosters, track attendance, and pay staff accurately for your business. 


  • Save hours every week on payroll: 
  • Automate timesheets and wage calculations with Tanda’s Employee Time Clock and award interpretation. 
  • Export costed timesheets in a one click for seamless payroll
  • Automatically record and export leaves from Tandato payroll every payday
  • Reduce unneccessary costs: Avoid costly overtime and penalties by seeing the award-interpreted cost of your roster as you build it
  • Interpret complex awards: 
  • Automatic updates of base rates and penalties in both Tanda and your payroll system whenever Fair Work mandates changes
  • Accurately match earnings rates in Tanda to your payroll system
  • Paperless onboarding: Onboard new staff in seconds with paperless onboarding that handles tax declarations and super choice
  • Live Wage Tracker™: Track wages in real time from anywhere so you stay in control of wage costs and drive profitability throughout the day


Tanda services businesses both big and small, whether your staff has 10 people or 30,000 plus.

We assist businesses with one or multi-store establishments, companies in the frontline and shift work industries. 

Tanda integrates with the top accounting platforms.



Tanda is just one of the programs available to Cloud Club®​ members.

For more information about Tanda, visit their websitE >>

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