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Advisory, governance and consulting services for aged care

The aged care services industry is rapidly growing and evolving. 

The aged care services industry is rapidly growing and evolving. The team at RSM have significant experience in the aged, community and disability care sector. We understand the balance between delivering quality care whilst at the same time retaining a profitable business.

business advisory services for aged caret

Through extensive experience and innovative accounting and business practices in the aged care sector, RSM provides services including accounting, advisory, financial services and audit assurance for all of your planning, forecasting, systems and process needs for aged care organisations.

As aged care business experts, RSM can examine your policies and practices and provide you with a detailed analysis of your current situation.

Whether you are a individual stand-alone home care or retirement village provider to a large scale residential aged care facility, RSM's aged care consulting and advisory services can assist with all of your planning, forecasting, systems and processes needs.


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Aged Care
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GPs moving to the cloud; not as many roadblocks as you think?

17 December 2021
There is real value in data sharing, real-time collaboration, and interoperability. The modern GP is facing an unprecedented fast-paced world.

10 lessons from the pandemic to take with you into 2022

15 December 2021
If someone had told you in 2019 that within 18 months almost every economy in the world would be shut down – with most of the world’s population working from home – you might have called them crazy! But here we are, almost 2 years later...

An uncomfortable yet important conversation

17 November 2021
None of us likes to consider our own mortality.

The End of Bed Licenses – A game changer for the Aged Care sector?

18 October 2021
From 1 July 2024, the Australian government will abolish bed licenses and the Aged Care Approvals Round (ACAR) process in response to the recommendations of the Final Report of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety (Royal Commission).

The journey towards independent Aged Care governance and a new act

31 August 2021
The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety released its final report in March 2021 with a focus on Aged Care Governance. While there were 148 recommendations, the first recommendation was that a new act come into force by no later than 2023. 

Impact of lockdowns on NDIS, Aged Care and Community Service Providers

31 August 2021
At RSM we understand the difficulties that NDIS and Aged Care and Community Service Providers are facing with the recent round of lockdown measures in Australia.

Ransomware – How SMEs Can Stay Safe Online

15 July 2021
There have been several ransomware attacks on Australian businesses lately. Awareness of this threat is increasing, but a number of small businesses, in particular, are still in the dark around what this is and how to protect themselves against it.  BUT FIRST, WHAT IS RANSOMWARE?

Changes to Compulsory Super Guarantee Payments

10 June 2021
As part of Australia’s superannuation system, employers are currently providing superannuation guarantee of 9.5% under Superannuation Guarantee (Administration) Act 1992 (Cth).

Planning for a retirement with care, dignity and respect

4 May 2021
The costs of Aged Care in Australia are projected to increase and greater emphasis on self-funding may be required moving forward. To ensure a high quality of care is accessible in the later stages of retirement, planning should be given at the outset of retirement, not left until it is too late.

Strong Alliances the key for allied health today

17 August 2020
On face value, you may assume that the health industry is one of the few to financially benefit from the current global pandemic. Whilst this is true in some cases, the realities are a significant portion of income comes from planned procedures in this industry.

COVID-19 funding boost for Aged Care industry

6 August 2020
The Federal Government recently announced a $52.9 million funding boost to provide further financial support for residential aged care providers during the COVID-19 crisis.

New COVID-19 funding announced for the Aged Care Industry

29 April 2020
The Federal Government has announced new funding for the aged care sector to support staff retention in residential aged care and to assist with the viability of aged care facilities, as the sector continues to support the nation’s elderly during the COVID–19 crisis.

Economic impact of COVID-19 on the Aged care and health sectors

16 March 2020
The coronavirus will put immense pressure on the Australian aged care and health sectors. Given older people are most at risk from the virus, Australia’s aged care facilities have urgently put in place controls to avoid the spread of the virus ahead of a potential outbreak.

Government boosts support for health providers and communities in response to COVID-19 threat

13 March 2020
The Australian Government has unveiled a comprehensive $2.4 bn health package to protect all Australians, including vulnerable groups such as the elderly, those with chronic conditions and Indigenous communities, from the coronavirus (COVID-19). 

New assets test threshold and your aged pension

1 September 2016
For the majority of Australia’s retirees, the Aged Pension provides income support as either a full or part pension. Eligibility is subject to both an income and assets test. These tests are set so that retirees draw down on their own assets to certain levels before they are entitled to any type of social security benefit.

Introduction to Short Term Restorative Care (STRC)

21 July 2016
The majority of top tier providers (according to financial performance) take the specialisation route. This makes sense because, whilst the provision of care is common in all services, the business models across service areas vary significantly. The bottom line being; doing what you already know reduces risk.

The balance between supply and demand for residential places

8 July 2016
The release of the ACAR for 2015 and recent research undertaken by RSM for our Aged Care Sustainability Review 2016 provides an opportunity to consider how the supply management regime is working in residential aged care.

RSM aged care community insights - June 2016

20 June 2016
Profit from employing a right sizing strategy

What are the major challenges facing the aged care sector?

9 June 2016
RSM’s National Head of Aged Care, Bruce Bailey, discusses his thoughts on reported aged care demand likely being understated, as well as funding the required expansion of the industry.

Increasing choices - but not supply

21 April 2016
The introduction of the Increasing Consumer Choice Bill into Parliament in February provides an interesting study on the impact on demand and supply within the context of a system that ratios service provision.

Aged Care Sustainability Review 2016

18 April 2016
The inaugural edition of the RSM Aged Care Sustainability Review has highlighted a number of issues and trends that directly relate to the viability and sustainability of the residential aged care sector. Key findings from our research include:

RSM aged care services update - March 2016

21 March 2016
If you hold a senior position in an approved provider then you will have already felt the winds of change that we anticipate will blow for many years to come as the sector moves inexorably from a welfare entitlement base to a user pays supported by government safety net. This update contains our thoughts and insights on a number of key areas that are being impacted

Is it better to be a specialist or a generalist in aged care?

29 February 2016
Recently I presented at the strategic planning session of the board of a mid-tier residential aged care provider. This group also has a minor position in home care and a reasonable footprint in ILU’s.

Background to capital grants for residential aged care providers

12 February 2016
We have analysed the capital grants approved by the government through the 2013, 2014 and 2015 ACARs. The following analysis is provided to assist those providers who are considering making an application for a capital grant in the 2016 ACAR.

Dataset: forecasted supply of bed licences by ACPR from 2016 to 2020

10 February 2016
The data table represents the following across aged care planning regions:

Business insights from RSM

16 December 2015
The 2015 year is fast fading and the reality of the challenges and the excitement at the opportunities of 2016 are in front of us all.

Managing capital in aged care: how much difference does it make?

14 July 2015
There is an acknowledged need for significant new capital investment in residential aged care assets. Investment decisions are driven by the expected return on investment. We postulate that the ultimate measure of this is return on equity.

Aged care: benchmark to whom and what?

6 July 2015
Recently I ran the Sydney half marathon with one of my daughters (she beat me). When the results came out I was less than enthused by both my absolute and relative performance. This is an example of an unpleasant realisation from benchmarking. When I consider benchmarking for approved providers I find the following helpful:

Aged care and the relative metrics of managing revenue as opposed to managing costs

1 July 2015
Some providers subscribe to the view that as most income is set by the government, the best way to manage operating performance in residential aged care is to actively manage operating costs, so for many this means managing the roster.

How to measure the financial performance of an aged care provider

17 June 2015
Consider two hypothetical residential aged care facilities. Save for the following distinctions, all other operational costs and revenues are the same. Facility 1 is a not-for-profit that is heavily reliant on donations to supplement its income and takes in exclusively supported residents.

RSM aged care update - June 2015

9 June 2015
The hot spots as we see them: There is a lot happening in aged care and at RSM our priorities over the coming 6 months will be helping clients in the following areas: Realignment of operations: in response to legislative changes from 1 July 2015 providers are increasingly asking themselves whether they should:

Factors influencing the financial performance of residential aged care providers

1 June 2015
In June 2014, ACFA engaged RSM (known as 'RSM Bird Cameron' at the time), in association with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), to study the qualitative and quantitative factors influencing and associated with the variable financial performance of different residential aged care providers.

Aged care, how much could it cost?

13 May 2015
These days when people move into an aged care home they must pay a basic daily fee of $47.49. They may also be required to pay a means tested daily care fee based on assets and income, an accommodation payment and fees for extra optional services.

What aged care means

29 April 2015
We know there is high probability of entering aged care in later life. Quite likely, due to ill health at that time we will be unable to cope with all the decisions and forms required at that time. Making sure we have nominated somebody as our trusted financial power of attorney, long before that event, will make the process so much easier.

WA state tax exemption for charitable bodies or organisations

10 April 2015
How will the changes affect your organisation?

Proposed changes to financial reporting for providers of residential aged care and home care

27 February 2015
Executive summary We understand the proposed change to financial reporting is a starting point on the path to a future state for financial reporting where: