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Accounting and business advisory services for aged care

Aged care is a rapidly changing and complex industry. We understand this and through a combination of extensive experience and innovative accounting and business practices, our aged care team can help you navigate through your future to ensure your business goals are reached.

Introduction to Short Term Restorative Care (STRC)

The majority of top tier providers (according to financial performance) take the specialisation route. This makes sense because, whilst the provision of care is common in all services, the business models across service areas vary significantly. The bottom line being; doing what you already know reduces risk.

The balance between supply and demand for residential places

The release of the ACAR for 2015 and recent research undertaken by RSM for our Aged Care Sustainability Review 2016 provides an opportunity to consider how the supply management regime is working in residential aged care.

RSM aged care community insights - June 2016

Profit from employing a right sizing strategy

What are the major challenges facing the aged care sector?

RSM’s National Head of Aged Care, Bruce Bailey, discusses his thoughts on reported aged care demand likely being understated, as well as funding the required expansion of the industry.

Increasing choices - but not supply

The introduction of the Increasing Consumer Choice Bill into Parliament in February provides an interesting study on the impact on demand and supply within the context of a system that ratios service provision.

Aged Care Sustainability Review 2016

The inaugural edition of the RSM Aged Care Sustainability Review has highlighted a number of issues and trends that directly relate to the viability and sustainability of the residential aged care sector. Key findings from our research include:

RSM aged care services update - March 2016

If you hold a senior position in an approved provider then you will have already felt the winds of change that we anticipate will blow for many years to come as the sector moves inexorably from a welfare entitlement base to a user pays supported by government safety net. This update contains our thoughts and insights on a number of key areas that are being impacted

Is it better to be a specialist or a generalist in aged care?

Recently I presented at the strategic planning session of the board of a mid-tier residential aged care provider. This group also has a minor position in home care and a reasonable footprint in ILU’s.