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Advisory, governance and consulting services for aged care

The aged care services industry is rapidly growing and evolving. 

The aged care services industry is rapidly growing and evolving. The team at RSM have significant experience in the aged, community and disability care sector. We understand the balance between delivering quality care whilst at the same time retaining a profitable business.

business advisory services for aged caret

Through extensive experience and innovative accounting and business practices in the aged care sector, RSM provides services including accounting, advisory, financial services and audit assurance for all of your planning, forecasting, systems and process needs for aged care organisations.

As aged care business experts, RSM can examine your policies and practices and provide you with a detailed analysis of your current situation.

Whether you are a individual stand-alone home care or retirement village provider to a large scale residential aged care facility, RSM's aged care consulting and advisory services can assist with all of your planning, forecasting, systems and processes needs.



Ray Scott
National Director,
Aged Care
T: +61 3 9286 8112

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New framework concept for regulating aged care

8 April 2022
The government announced a concept paper that outlines a new, improved approach for regulating aged care. The introduction of the new framework aims to strengthen and enhance the protection and rights of older Australians.

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The End of Bed Licenses – A game changer for the Aged Care sector?

18 October 2021
From 1 July 2024, the Australian government will abolish bed licenses and the Aged Care Approvals Round (ACAR) process in response to the recommendations of the Final Report of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety (Royal Commission).

The journey towards independent Aged Care governance and a new act

31 August 2021
The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety released its final report in March 2021 with a focus on Aged Care Governance. While there were 148 recommendations, the first recommendation was that a new act come into force by no later than 2023. 

Impact of lockdowns on NDIS, Aged Care and Community Service Providers

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At RSM we understand the difficulties that NDIS and Aged Care and Community Service Providers are facing with the recent round of lockdown measures in Australia.

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