RSM Australia

Strategy & advice

With a controlled income stream, a fixed level of potential users (available beds), and escalating costs, a viable strategy is essential to achieve sustainability and meet your profit or service goals. Being able to accurately predict cash streams allows operators to be more adept in managing residents’ accommodation and care requirements and this in turn improves sustainability and outcomes for all.

Our strategic advice provides answers to the following key questions:

  • what is my core operating purpose?
  • who is my target market?
  • what is my operating model?
  • what cash inflows are available to support this model?
  • does my governance model manage operational risk?
  • is my model financially viable over time?
  • what are the requirements for eligibility to particular inflows?

While the specific answers change from facility to facility, all facilities need to ensure they match their operating models to their strategy or purpose.

Ever changing government policies, transitional arrangements and grandfathering provisions create unique challenges to facility operators. Our team works with operators and boards to define and refine strategies to anticipate and respond to these changes, ensuring that operational plans reflect and support organisational strategy.