Case study: Porter Davis Homes

“The ease with which we do business is a big tick box – supportive as well as providing the right advice. Our willingness to recommend RSM as an organisation would be absolute”.

- Paul Wolff, Director Sales and Marketing, Porter Davis Homes

Porter Davis Homes case study

Porter Davis Homes (PDH)  was founded in 1999 and opened their first display home in January 2000.

Building approximately 1500 homes a year in Melbourne, 450 people are directly employed by the business and an additional 1000 subcontractors are employed to Porter Davis Homes case studydeliver the product out in the marketplace.

PDH to 'respect the dream, respect our customers and respect for our people' has led them to become highly sought after for both their expertise and values in the building industry. As a result, Porter Davis is often recognised through leading industry awards – such as best designed houses, display house of the year and employer of choice awards.

Porter Davis HomesWorking with RSM

“Over the last 3 or 4 years we have really had a focus on becoming a world-class business,” said Paul Wolff, Director of Sales and Marketing at Porter Davis.

“Our relationship with RSM is one that has been developed and fostered over 16 years. Primarily taxation, audit advice, business risk and going through to corporate governance. We like to be able to say that someone else is there at night, looking over you and supporting you and making sure that all the checks and balances are in place”, states Paul. 

“Porter Davis have been a client of mine for 16 years and I have been involved with them since the day they literally started the business”, says Phil Ransom (Director of Assurance and Advisory at RSM). “I have a very close relationship with the owners and have a very close relationship with a large number of people in the organisation”.

What RSM can offer

“RSM helped us with the partnership transition - from them structuring a deal to the taxation advice that we needed – all the way to providing the support and putting a financial proposal together that we could then structure a deal with as well.” said Paul. “Their support and guidance with this matter was critical.”

“I place a great deal of importance on understanding my clients and having a close relationship with Porter Davis is key”, Phil explains. “Understanding their business and having that relationship is critical to ensure we look after their needs. If we don’t understand their business, then it is impossible for us to service them properly”.

A very close relationship

“Our relationship with RSM is really close, one where we look for a second opinion and advice on all sorts of commercial matters. Over the tenure, RSM have worked with us to ultimately ensure our interests are maintained”.

“Our relationship with the RSM team is one of stability. For us, stability equals continuity”, Paul states. “Dealing with the same people and dealing with the same team is part of the core values in our business”.

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Name: Porter Davis Homes

Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia

Industry: Building and Construction

Building locations: Melbourne, Bendigo, Trafalgar, Warragul, Ballarat, Geelong, Traralgon, Queensland

Number of employees: 450 and 1000+ Subcontractors

Year founded:  1999