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Happy new financial year!
It is a pleasure doing business with you and we appreciate all of your support and hard work. We are looking forward to a new financial year filled with plenty of work and opportunities.
Here are some recent insights and information to help you get prepared for tax season.
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RSM in Canberra


Latest Articles and Insights

RSM Financial Services Australia senior financial adviser Chris Oates says while it may be hard to save money right now, there are some steps to help keep your head above water and even increase your bank balance.

We’ve curated a list of top things to focus on when organising your tax affairs for the 2022 year-end, applicable to businesses, primary producers, trusts, and individuals.

As the end of FY21/22 approaches, taxpayers should carefully consider their next moves. Beware of miscalculated work-from-home expenses, which the ATO will target this year.

As we inch ever-closer to a cashless society – tapping our cards, phones and even watches to pay for goods and services – the question on everybody’s lips is: how long until we see a digital currency in Australia?
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We are proud to have been recognised as one of Canberra's most recommended tax accountants on the recent update of The Riotact's list of best tax accountants in Canberra.

thinkBIG Cybersecurity report

Robust cyber security often gets overlooked by busy SME owners. But a data breach could have serious consequences. Read about what you can do to ensure your business is cyber secure. 
Tips on filing your tax return

Tax time can be stressful. But it doesn't have to be! Whether you're new to the process or just looking for some tips, we've got you covered.
Here's a step-by-step overview of what you need to know when filing your own tax return.
Latest talkBIG Podcast Episodes
Shaped in the late 1900's with the commencement of Medicare, Australia's health system is very different to any other country. It gives Australians universal access but, what is the cost of that and what role does private health insurance play?


Kate Carnell AO is an Australian businesswoman and former politician.
Now, as Chair of a recently publicly listed company, Racing and Sports, Kate takes us through what is involved in going IPO.




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Life @ RSM
Our Canberra office recently hosted their long-awaited EOFY event - 1920s themed at the Hotel Kurrajong Canberra.
A well-deserved Friday night event to celebrate the achievements and success of our fantastic staff.
#RSMEOFY #EOFY #100yearsofRSMAustralia

Starlight Children's Foundation Australia hosted their very first RSM Thankathon at the Canberra office yesterday.
This was an opportunity for us to be creative and express gratitude by thanking all the Starlight supporters. This was indeed a great session!
#beyondRSM #RSMAustralia #thankathon

RSM in Canberra recently hosted a baby photo competition, and we loved seeing the photos of your advisors when they were just little ones. So much personality in such tiny packages!
Check out the images below, and then see if you can guess what each of them looked like before they could walk.
#RSMAustralia #babyphotocompetition #fun

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