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Personal wealth management and creation. Learn about the latest opportunities and challenges in superannuation and wealth management.

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The financial effects of a “Grey Divorce”

22 November 2021
Divorce among people over 50’s (commonly referred to as a “Grey Divorce”) is on the rise in Australia. Currently, 27% of divorce applications are for couples who have been married for 20 years or longer.

An uncomfortable yet important conversation

17 November 2021
None of us likes to consider our own mortality.

The Foundations of Successful Investing

10 November 2021
Establishing a successful investment portfolio can be likened to building a home.

Index funds – what’s all the fuss about?

3 November 2021
As the name suggests, an index investment fund seeks to deliver a similar return, less fees, as its chosen index.

What your adviser means by “investment styles”

1 November 2021
Just when you thought investing was easy to understand - you put your money into shares, property, fixed interest, cash, etc. – your adviser starts talking about “investment styles”! In essence, what that means is the methodology that managers use when choosing the underlying investments in their funds.

The Rise and Rise of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

15 October 2021
Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) investments are gaining popularity but do we really understand them?

Challenges Facing Retirees of the Future

13 October 2021
Most working Australians aspire to the idea that they’ll reach a point where they can retire debt-free and with enough money in superannuation and other investments – perhaps supplemented by the age pension – to provide them with a comfortable standard of living in retirement.

Changes to Income Protection insurance

25 August 2021
From 1 October 2021, there will be considerable changes to Income Protection insurance. 

Separating? Revisit your financial plan

15 August 2021
Divorce is the equivalent of a tornado splicing through the foundations of the best laid financial plan. 

The gender pay gap. How is it affecting women in retirement?

5 August 2021
While the gender pay gap is beginning to narrow, there is no denying that this remains a significant issue in Australia.

Five tips to financial harmony for newlyweds

21 May 2021
Although we won’t all find our life partner trotting up to the wedding in a royal carriage, it’s fair to say that in our own way we all create our own fairy-tale wedding.

Separation & superannuation

10 May 2021
How do you start to map your financial future when your relationship ends? What are the first steps you need to take?

Planning for a retirement with care, dignity and respect

4 May 2021
The costs of Aged Care in Australia are projected to increase and greater emphasis on self-funding may be required moving forward. To ensure a high quality of care is accessible in the later stages of retirement, planning should be given at the outset of retirement, not left until it is too late.

Financial planning during separation

21 April 2021
Financial planning is about developing strategies to help clients manage their financial affairs and meet their life goals. This is especially important for clients who are experiencing a marital breakdown as their financial situation and life goals can significantly change.  

Defensive Portfolio's 'aint what they used to be'

23 February 2021
Many with superannuation or personal investments may be familiar with their investments being classified into two categories: “Growth” and “Defensive”. While the COVID-19 lockdown induced recession has had a well-publicised negative effect on growth assets initially, these growth assets include shares and property, less frequentl