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The Australian agribusiness sector is a significant driver of the Australian economy. 

With a strong track record in generating international investment throughout the agricultural supply chain, Australia’s diverse climate, geographic isolation and leading quarantine and monitoring regime has earned it a place as a leader in agriculture. 

We have been helping agricultural businesses in Australia achieve their financial, operational and strategic objectives for over 100 years.

Regardless of size or location, our team understands the ever-changing agribusiness landscape and have the specialist knowledge that is required to address the challenges faced by farming businesses. 

From family owned to large publicly traded farming businesses, we understand the social and economic issues faced by the agricultural sector and the long association with the sector is one that we are particularly proud of.



 Ross Paterson           
National Leader, Agribusiness

T: +61 8 9432 3103           
E: [email protected]

How can we help you?


Whether your business is a “hobby farm” or one of Australia’s largest food suppliers, RSM understands the vast nature of agribusiness. RSM has experience with businesses that operate in:

  •    Agriculture and food production
  •    Pastoralists and livestock graziers
  •    Horticulture
  •    Wineries
  •    Commercial fishing and aquaculture
  •    Transportation and machinery

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RSM is a proud member of The Farming Team, a collaborative effort to support Australian farmers.

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