We provide a comprehensive approach to consultancy. As well as our business services in the fields of auditing and tax consulting, we offer a range of additional support options.

In particular, we make our resources available to foreign companies and groups that are seeking to establish a local presence in Vienna. From our base here in the heart of the city, we are well placed to provide business consulting services for those hoping to do business in Austria.

In order to deliver tailored business support, we take a client centric approach. This allows us to ensure that we understand each client’s goals and supply them with the tools they need to operate in an efficient, compliant way.

We pride ourselves on establishing lasting business relationships. That’s why we have a suite of business services and resources that are designed to slot neatly into each organisation’s long-term strategy.

Our business services and resources
RSM Austria’s business services division comprises professionals that can help you set up your business here. Whether you require a business consultant, or you need secretarial services, we help small businesses and larger companies alike.

The consultancy support we offer includes:

We are skilled in talking clients through the complexities of auditing and taxation in Austria. For instance, if you are planning on forming a company in the country, we can advise you on what the current legislation is and the expectations that are placed on you.

This is a country that has a corporate tax rate of 25%. If you are operating under VAT, you will need to pay 20% in tax for purchases. There are exemptions that mean you may only need to pay 10%.

We will explain all of this to you, work out how to approach corporate tax planning and set up accounting services for you to help keep you compliant.  

Keeping in touch with your potential customers and clients is crucial, both as you establish your company and in the long term. We can help you set up a business telephone service that will allow you to operate smoothly.

As well as setting up a phone service, you’ll also need a business postal address. This is a service we also offer as part of our set of resources.

There is a lot of paperwork that goes into setting up a business. You will need to work through correspondence covering tax, business laws, and insurance among other requirements. By choosing to utilise the secretarial services we offer for small businesses, you can make sure the finer details are taken care of so and concentrate on building your company.

Every business needs a base and a place in which to meet prospective clients. As part of our business support services, we can help source the space you need.

Contact us

If you would like to learn more about the business consulting services that we provide here at RSM Austria, please get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to help you. Contact us by phone +43 (1) 505 63 63 or submit your questions, comments, or proposal requests.