Real Estate Management

We are an experienced and dedicated real estate service provider and are here for all your property needs. Our team of experts offer a wide range of real estate business services, including managing rental housing, condominiums, office and commercial properties, as well as individual apartments in the greater Vienna area. Our key focus is the conservation and sustainable increase in value of the properties entrusted to us.

As specialists in real estate law, asset and investment management, we enjoy developing the unique potential of every one of our customers’ properties. We diligently prepare our professional real estate management strategy from the start, and all decisions are made based on robust, reliable information.

Together with RSM Austria Tax Consulting, we develop long-term concepts for your property upon request, in order to plan the development of liquidity and tax results. We also plan renovations, rent properties and implement development opportunities in line with each of our clients’ needs.

What real estate management services do RSM provide?

Our aim is to help you achieve your real estate goals, providing support and tailored advice on the most effective and efficient strategies and solutions. We provide all the necessary and appropriate services for real estate management, conservation and maintenance, as well as the improvement and renovation of our customers’ properties.

Here’s an overview of the real estate management services we provide:

  • Expert advice on tax and real estate law, including preparation of tax documents for sales and income tax
  • Real estate investment management, offering advice on investments, borrowing, funding and renovations
  • Accounting services including creation of short-term income statements, payment reminder lists and clear owner settlements
  • Tenant support services, such as collecting funds, creation of contracts, record keeping, monitoring payments and advice on real estate contract law
  • Real estate asset management, including house inspections, property maintenance, monitoring and organisation of owners’ meetings
  • Rental services which include liaising with specialist brokers to rent empty properties
  • Professional and fast processing of requests and complaints, with direct communication and various online tools that guarantee fast handling of all concerns

If you’re searching for a competent corporate real estate law firm, look no further than RSM. Our real estate management team are committed to providing you with a comprehensive service, transparent advice and expert, solution-oriented action.

How can we help you?

For more information on our real estate asset management, contact us by phone +43 (1) 512 54 30 or submit your questions, comments or proposal requests to [email protected].

Holding Austrian Real Estate

Holding Austrian Real Estate

Direct Holding of real estate This section shows the most important tax implications of the direct holding of real estate. First, the impact on resident individuals and non-resident individuals will be explained. Then the impact for resident companies and non-resident companies are described.
Sale & Transfer of Austrian Real Estate

Sale & Transfer of Austrian Real Estate

Direct sale of real estate Resident individual Capital gains
Acquiring Austrian Real Estate

Acquiring Austrian Real Estate

Direct purchase of real estate This section shows the most important tax implications of the direct purchase of real estate. Initially, the impact for resident individuals and non-resident individuals are explained. Then the impact for resident companies and non-resident companies are described.