It’s essential for all businesses, regardless of size, to effectively manage risks that may affect their growth or goals. No matter what industry you operate in, our team of experts can provide risk-advisory services to help you identify and minimise potential threats in your marketplace. This may be in the form of a new risk-management strategy created specifically for your business, internal auditing services, professional training for your employees or the development of effective internal control systems.

As risk-advisory specialists, we understand that the opportunities and threats you face are unique to your business. Our team will work closely with you to gain a thorough understanding of your organisation and the industry you operate in. This allows us to provide bespoke, competent and robust recommendations and solutions that will offer the maximum benefit to your business. We have a huge amount of skill and experience in providing risk-management services to companies across the world and are therefore well placed to give you the specialist support you need.

What risk-advisory services do we offer?

Each of the risk-management services we provide are designed to help you monitor, manage and mitigate risks. We can advise on all elements of business operations, helping you improve your approach and methods of risk management.

Here are the risk and advisory services we provide at RSM Austria:

We offer bespoke internal auditing services that can be tailored to your individual needs. Our audits seek to identify the risks throughout your organisation, from finances to operations and business strategies. 

Our specialist team can help you to improve or develop effective internal control systems through our ICS services. This may involve implementing ICS according to SOX-regulations.

Effective and efficient risk management is critical for business success. Our risk-management services will help you to understand and manage risks so you can achieve your goals.

We can help your business mitigate risks through our compliance management services, which may involve assessing, redeveloping, or redesigning processes and offering bespoke solutions.

Our forward-thinking approach, experience and expertise can help your business to manage and mitigate any risks through our forensic services.

Our specialist team provide IT security services, identifying and managing risks that technology may bring to your business. This may involve looking at cyber security, IT due diligence and data analytics.

We can provide professional training services and coaching for your staff, which may help your company switch to new processes and ways of working.

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