RSM Belgium


Financial Expertise & Transaction Services

At RSM Belgium, we know that transactions can be complicated, with a variety of factors to consider. That’s why our financial consultants are regularly appointed by the judicial authorities, legal firms or Boards of Directors to provide specialist financial expertise.

Many companies need our professional assistance to support them through their development and difficulties, or to resolve disputes. Whether you’re releasing funds, restructuring your business, investing assets, or carrying out a company acquisition, we can offer objective financial advice.

We will guide you through our comprehensive due diligence process, assessing any risks and opportunities associated with your transaction. This will help you to decide if it’s right for your business to proceed. Our range of transaction services are outlined below.

Company Acquisition and Disposal

  • Due diligence (buy side and sell side)
  • Company valuation: financial advice on statements, valuation of a company’s shares, proposals for appropriate legal structures, acquisition or merger negotiations with potential companies
  • Assistance in feasibility studies, budgeting and planning
  • Developing business plans

Support with Legal Matters

  • Assessment of damages and damage payments
  • Bankruptcy prevention and assessment of restructuring plans
  • Technical support in civil or criminal justice disputes
  • Arbitration and amicable settlements
  • Services to curatorship


Please feel free to consult our general sales terms and conditions for providing services :


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8 January 2016
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