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Regardless of the size or industry of your organization, effective risk management is key to your success and enables you to achieve your strategic and operational goals.


Risks are inherent to entrepreneurship. Therefore, the goal is not to eliminate them but rather to recognize them, define risk appetite and find appropriate methods to manage them.

The added value of risk management lies in the integration of risk awareness in the decision-making processes, both at operational and financial levels as well as in terms of strategic challenges related to new technologies, market volatility and globalization.  


Risk management should be integrated in the corporate culture so that it can be shared by each person within your organization.


RSM specialists help you assess and build the quality of your risk management policy in accordance with the decisions from your governance bodies and legal and regulatory obligations.


Our approach is focused on a deep understanding of the risk profile of your organization, your company, or of a specific area.


We guarantee a fresh, neutral and constructive approach. Thanks to our multidisciplinary organization, we offer you a team of specialists in each area of expertise.

We offer you the option to totally outsource to our team the analysis of your risk management policy (outsourcing) or we can provide support to build, develop, professionalize your internal control department (Co-Sourcing / partnering). We can also provide you with more specific services (by project for example).

These three models are totally flexible: they can be extended, combined or just limited to the evaluation of the quality of your current internal control department, the objective being that your internal control systems work effectively in practice.

Risk management is a process which involves continuous improvement and that includes the right combination of technology, process and competence. Risk management seeks to identify, evaluate and prioritize all risks related to your business, regardless of the nature or origin of those risks in order to handle them methodically and thus, reduce and control the probability of undesirable events as well as their possible impact.

Our methodology is based on the standards developed by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) and ISACA (Information, Systems Audit and Control Association), which both refer to the well-known “COSO” model.


RSM specialists help you to build your risk management framework which includes:

  • Getting a deep understanding of your organization’s environment;
  • Preparing an overview of the current internal control system as well as the existing risk management system (interview, understanding of the procedures in place, etc.);
  • Developing a risk analysis framework which will enable you to concretely integrate risk management into your organization through the provision of support tools and recommendations for policies and procedures, ...
  • Identifying and assessing risks. Those risks are ranked and prioritized based on the extent of their potential impact on your organization and the probability of their occurrence;
  • Reviewing and supporting you to build the risk register as well as the control actions to be implemented in order to reduce them;
  • Ensuring the communication of your risk management in your internal environment as well as the training of your teams;
  • Organizing the monitoring of the various measures implemented and of the control actions set up in order to support you in your continuous improvement.


Schematically, our intervention can be organized as follows:


RSM offers you the highest quality services thanks to the skills of our partners and staff members who are certified in internal control (CICS) and in data analysis (ISACA) and which will allow your organization to benefit from a professional and independent analysis of the quality and effectiveness of your control environment.


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