RSM Botswana

Industrial Products

Manufacturing and Distribution of Industrial Products

Cast iron foundries, steel rerolling mills, billet makers are our proud clients and in RSM Botswana we believe that our client created this industry in Botswana.  Yet, much of steel is still imported.  So, many steel, hardware and buidling material suppliers add to our specialist knowledge that we have acquired over decades of serving them. 

A highly entrepreneurail petroleum distributor is a client we are proud of.  We do accounting, audit and consulting services to very many filling stations and serice stations. 

Distributors and manufacturers of chemicals and pharmaceuticals have added value to our collective experience as RSM Botswana. 

On light industrial activities, we have many metal fabricators, mining supplies providers, electrical distributors, nail manufacturers, wire drawers and the like in our client list.

Many of our clients have demonstrated that Botswana is a great trading economy in view of its strong Botswana Pula and weak South African Rand.  Yet may of our clients have developed manufacuturing facilities by way of backward integration, in order to make the cost even lower so that they are assured of trading stock all the time.  These facilities however have to remain small because they by and large cater to national demand.  We are honoured to serve a national stationery distributor who has established manufacturing facility for various types of school supplies.

At RSM Botswana we are aware that those dealing in industrial products are value-addition driven B2B merchants and industrialists.  We are experts in costing, reducing inventory, valuing inventory, auditing manufacturing establishments with our natural knowledge lead, budgeting in manufacturing and distribution environments, software implementations of industrial establishments.

Pula Vs Rand

Many hold the view that Pula being a strong currency, it is a deterrant for manufacturing, since it is cheaper to buy than to manufacture.  This is true.  Yet Botswana Government, we believe, is determined to walk to any extent to offer investors what is needed for a sustainable manufacturing or regional distribution activity.  Development Approval Order requesting for a particular tax disposition is a general example.  But each industry can ask for anything that can reduce the cost to the relevant ministry, through the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry.