RSM Botswana


Operational performance. Investment. Risk management and compliance.

Manufacturing remains critically important to both the developing and the advanced world, In many countries the sector is in a state of transition: growing in emerging economies; shrinking but becoming more productive in advanced economies. Some markets compete on cost, others on technology and innovation. Lean manufacturing techniques which eliminate waste and improve quality are of key focus. Combining our global industry knowledge, deep resources and personalised service, we offer solutions to reduce costs, increase efficiency and maximise profitability.

RSM Botswana has indepth knowledge and expertise in audit and consulting services to the only steel maker in Botswana - a mini-steel plant.   RSM Risk Academy is a market leader in risk consulting in Botswana.  It has strategic partners in risk software development with special focus for Botswana.

Government of Botswana believes in manufacturing sector, although the current strong Pula or weak Rand situation (2014-2015) is posing concerns to manufacturing sector because it reduces Botswana's competitiveness in the region.   To mitigate these concerns, the Ministry of Trade and Industry entertains grant applications on case by case basis to alleviate this problem.  The President of Botswana in January 2017 has reduced the weighting South African Rand (ZAR) in the basket of currencies that influence external value of Pula to 45% (with the balance of 55% to link to Special Drawings rights). 

Botswana Income Tax legislation has a special dispensation for manufacturing companies which only pay 15% company tax.  Besides manufacturers are in a position to negotiate with the Government to exchange foreign direct investment and job creation for exchange control free and investor friendly climate and any other special dispensation that manufacturing investors seeks.    Botswana Government has accepted recommendations of Micheal Porter in enhancing it competitiveness.  Botswana Investment and Trade Centre sends frequent and regular delegations to other African countries and other countries overseas, including India, Taiwan and China, inviting investors to invest in Botswana.