RSM Botswana

Mining and Energy

A breadth and depth of complex knowledge.

The energy sector globally is in a constant state of change as consumption levels rise and climate change presents new challenges. Differences in tax legislation, rising costs associated with major projects and increasing environmental and safety requirements can present significant challenges to organisations seeking to grow existing operations and expand into new areas.

Across the network as a whole, we work with businesses worldwide to address the energy issues of today and anticipate those of tomorrow.

RSM Botswana renders consulting services and project assistance to an innovative solar energy company in Botswana; information technology services to an oil distributing company in Botswana; and, accounting and taxation services to many fuel retailers in Botswana.  RSM Botswana takes pride in offering consulting services to a listed company quoted in Mumbai (India) Stock Exchange to execute power transmission contract awarded by Botswana Power Corporation.  RSM Botswana are external auditors for the Botswana branch of a company quoted in New York Stock Exchange, which executes a power generation contract for Botswana Power Corporation.

Transfer Pricing Rules?!?!

10 July 2018
Botswana Laws don't cover transfer pricing in specific terms at the moment.  It is a delicate matter left to the discretion of the Commissioner General of Botswana Unified Revenue Services (BURS).  Currently we do this job using our expertise on audit of related company transactions.  You may say that the approach is somewhat defensive.  In most cases we take a pro