RSM Botswana



Botswana has a strong services sector.  In its efforts to diversity the economy the Government recognises Services sector as one of the alternatives to grow the economy to reduce dependence on mining industry. 

We have very many clents who offer professional services, business services, health services, financial services and technical services.  Construction professionals and legal professionals dominate the professional services market.  Our client list boats of architects, quantity surveyors, mechanical, electrical and airconditioning engineers.  We audit a few Attorney Trusts in terms of Legal Practitioners Act. 

Company Secretaries, business brokers, adverting and marketing companies dominate business services market.  We carry out tax compliance services and accounting services for the branches and subsidiaries of big South African companies in car-hire market and in corporate marketing materials market.

General medical practitioners and private clients remarkably appear in our client list. 

We perform internal audit services, assurance services, risk management services to commercial banks and audit services to insurance professionals, consultants and brokers.   We audit fund administrators and asset managers and pension funds.  Unions and Savings and Credit Cooperatives play a significant role in financial services market in Botswana.