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We present the products and services we deliver in three separate product groups or divisions as under.   However if you require Company Profile please click the link rsm_company_profile.pdf. 


1  Audit and Consulting

Audit teams focus mainly on statutory financial audits.  Consulting teams undertake internal audit, risk consulting, corporate governance consulting, HR consulting and Finance Management Outsourcing assignments.  To download Audit and Consulting Services profile, please click the link rsm_audit_and_consulting_services.pdf


2  Tax and Advisory

Advisory teams prepare annual or periodical financial statements, attend to tax compliance, advise on tax planning and international tax and act as company secretaries.  There is a special Client Services Team employing CIMA trainees that carries out outsourcing of book-keeping, accounting, management reporting and board pack.  

Trusts and Entrepreneurship services such as business value building and equity building are included in Advisory division profile since these are required by entrepreneurial businesses, by and large.  However consulting teams provide these services since they are not of routinised nature.  Please click the link rsm_tax_and_advisory_services.pdf to download Tax and Advisory Services profile.


3  Accounting, Finance, Payroll and HR Solutions

Businesoft Systems is an independently managed software division but operating within the same office premises to facilitate coordination required to deliver software services swiftly.  Please clieck the link businesoft_systems.pdf to download Businesoft Profile which includes company profile, service profile and brief description of the off-the-shelf software products it specialises in. 

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