Botswana Global Expo; Our Genesis

This years Global Expo kick started at the break of August, on the 6th to be precise. It was a humongous spectacle! The event featured a lot of international acts mainly from India and a handful from neighboring countries. The diverse market called for bench-marking which is going to be fruitful to us in the long run. Our stall was strategically positioned; it stood between Gabz FM and Gazette and opposite Print Afrique, a superbly emblazoned corporation. This was an advantage for us as we later landed  a brief explosive  radio  interview  which  we believe will escalate our sales.

Our products on sale  were the  industry game  changer  Leru-Le, Deeper Understanding and  mothusa mogwebi. Moreover our  video conferencing technology  was also on  display.

We were happy to deliver the Power Of  Being Understood!

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