Covid 19 Botswana Government Wage Subsidy Scheme


We summarise important features of the Covid 19 Wage Subsidy as announced by Honourable Finance Minister Dr. Thapelo Matsheka on the 1st April 2020:-

Which business sectors qualify for the subsidy?

All business sectors are eligible for the subsidy with the exception of the following:

a. Water Supply; b. Electricity Supply; c. Wholesale – Food; d. Retail – Food; e. Post and Communications; f. Banks; g. Insurance; h. Parastatal-Companies; i. Businesses with direct Government shareholding and Government aided entities such as nongovernmental organisations; j. Central Government; k. Local Government; l. Pension administration services; m. Stock exchange services; n. Fund management services; o. Medical aid fund services; p. Health and pharmaceutical services

What conditions apply to the subsidy?

i. Applicable only to citizen employees;

ii. Employers in identified sectors must be registered for tax with BURS;

iii. Employers must make a commitment not to retrench employees as a result of the pandemic;

iv. Applicant employer must produce a wage bill from December 2019;

v. The subsidy period commences in April and ends in June 2020

What do qualifying businesses need to do to access the subsidy?

Step 1: Complete the COVID-19 Wages Subsidy Application available on the BURS website.  The form is in CSV format.  It needs to be filled out and uploaded from eservice home page using the upload tabl.   The form is simple and asks for the following information

Employer TIN number___________  Claim Month __________

Col1 Col2 Col3 Col4 Col5 Col6
Employee Surname Employee Firstname Gender Employee ID Number Employee Mobile number Employee Account No
Makgetho Lekgetho        


Col7 Col8 Col9 Col10 Col11 Col12
December Salary January Salary February Salary March Salary Current Month Salary Subsidy Claimed


The BURS website under e-services tabl look like this:-


Step 2: Successful applicants will receive an email confirming successful registration.

Step 3: Submit for each month following Step 3 before the 15th of May and 15th June.  For April the deadline is 20th April 2020.

How much is the subsidy?

  1. The basis for the subsidy is 50% of the employee’s monthly wages
  2. Minimum support is P 1000
  3. Maximum support is P 2500

[Example: If the salary is P 1,500 then the subsidy is P 1000.  If the salary is P 8,000, then the subsidy is P 2,500]

Any other Question:-

Please speak to:-

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  2. Mr Gaitsiwe Motsewabagale 7680 6967
  3. Mr William Nkitseng 7301 4534
  4. Mr Kunyalala Thapisa 7358 6764
  5. Mr Gofaone Baleseng 7361 7519
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