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4action™ is a customisable and powerful action tracking software tool that gives individuals the ability to update the status of actions and tasks that they have been allocated responsibility for by management. This helps ensure that the action status always reflects a real time position. 4action™ is mobile friendly and works on iOS and Android devices.

Through the use of 4action™ organisations have significantly improved the visibility of agreed actions, increased the accountability of action owners and made significant savings in reporting.

Key features of the 4action™ action tracking software

4action full audit trail

Providing managers with a full audit trail of all assigned actions and tasks.


4action™ enables you to record all updates to any assigned tasks and provides a comprehensive audit trail of the progress of individuals’ actions and tasks. These can be accessed through a simple click of the interface. 


4action extensive dashboards

Extensive dashboards enable you to easily identify areas of weaknesses


4action™’s dashboard gives management a complete overview of the status of all actions across the entire organisation. Users are able to interact directly with this interface in order to drill down to the level of each individual action. Customisable dashboard ensure that different users only see information relevant to them.


4action breakdown audit actions

Break your actions down into stages and assign them to different users.


Sub-tasks can be attached to actions allowing them to be broken down into smaller parts and assigned to a range of different users. These stages also have time management and progress tracking enabling users to easily monitor progress.

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