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A cost effective GRC platform used widely across the public, private and third sectors

Take control of your governance, risk and compliance issues!

A powerful suite of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) software products from RSM – one of the largest audit, tax and consultings firms in the world.  With Insight4GRC products you will be able to

● Assess and manage organisational risk (4Risk)

● Track assigned actions (4Actions)

● Monitor employee policy acceptance (4Acceptance)

● Deploy questionnaires and benchmark results (4Questionnaire)

Pre-approved supplier on the Cabinet Office Digital Market Place (G-Cloud)

Insight4GRC™ is a cost effective cloud based GRC solution that provides management teams with the ability to efficiently manage risks and controls, track actions, communicate policies and procedures and engage with stakeholders in real time, making use of tailored interactive dashboards and reports.

4risk™ (Download Brochure: rsm_-_4risk_brochure.pdf)

A simple and cost effective cloud based risk management software providing you with a full picture of your organisation’s risk, controls and assurance environment in real time.

● Delegate risks, controls and actions to employees and track their progress

● Removes the burden of managing risk through spreadsheets

● Extensive and flexible reporting facilities and fully interactive dashboards

● Used extensively across all sectors to demonstrate good governance

For more information, click - Governance Risk Compliance GRC - 4Risk Software | RSM Botswana

4action™ (Download Brochure: rsm_-_4action_brochure.pdf)

A powerful action tracking software system that helps ensure your agreed management actions and tasks are tracked and their performance monitored

● Record and allocate actions to staff or managers

● Set target date and auto-alerts for implementation

● Monitor the progress of actions through a full audit trail 

● Extensive dashboard reporting functionality

For more information, click - Governance Risk Compliance - 4Action Software | RSM Botswana

4policies™ (Download Brochure: rsm_-_4policies_brochure.pdf)

Powerful and flexible policy management software tool to test your employees understanding of your policies and procedures – and record their acceptance of them.

● A complete solution to your policy and procedure management needs

● Extensive and flexible reporting facilities and fully interactive dashboards

● Policy tests to ensure employee understanding

● Used extensively across the private and public sector

For more information, click - Governance Risk Compliance - 4policy Sofware | RSM Botswana

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