Lighting Up Your Entrepreneurial Fire

Our Chairman Guru and our HR Executive Koziba Sebina have authored a book titled Lighting Up Your Entrepreneurial Fire published on Amazon.   In Botswana and even in other countries, most realize that entrepreneurship is the way to go for reasons to do with self-expression, lack of job opportunities, retirement, limited income, freedom of action, leaving a legacy, unity in the family, just leisure and many others. But they don't know how to begin the journey with a view to continuing it, startled by huge businesses on the one hand and innovative startups on the other! Give this book a read to begin your entrepreneurial journey with courage and clarity. For sure, you will read this again and again until you kindle entrepreneurial spirit in another, a true act of love for humanity.



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Guru Gurumoorthi
Chairman (Role: Oversight | Client and Human Relations and Development | Governance, Risk and Compliance)