SimpleRisk, A Simple Risk Management Tool

SimpleRisk, A Simple Risk Management Tool

It may perhaps be easy to understand risk and risk frameworks.  But it is very difficult to implement an appropriate risk management system.  SimpleRisk is a  quick to use risk management software application.   Growing organisations who would like to move ahead with risk management practices without spending a lot of time will also be able to implement SimpleRisk, to get a taste of it.  Matured organisations with well documented risk manuals and well-formulated growth strategies will also be able to implement SimpleRisk in a matter of weeks.

We are here to support you in any manner that suits you, in the use of SimpleRisk.  To see a presentation on SimpleRisk by Josh Sakol, the owner of SimpleRisk business, please click here.  To download a demo version please click here.


For larger organisations, GRC Software - Insight4GRC | RSM Botswana offers custom solutions based on 4GRC range of risk software products including 4risk, 4action and 4policy together with risk consulting services.

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