Give Trust and Fiduciary Instructions

Trust Formation and Management Instruction Sheet

Please fill out the following form and submit to us for a quotation to form and manage the trust you may wish to form.  If you have questions about Trust please see   Please note that your trust should have professional trustees and when you form the trust through RSM Botswana one of the partners will be a professional trustee.  You may choose the second professional trustee.

Give a name identifying the trust
Who is putting properties or capital or wealth into the Trust? He is also called Settlor.
Contract Cell phone number. If you using non-Botswana cell phone numbers, please give country code and area code in order to facilitate contact.
Description of the type and nature of properties settled in favour of the trust.
Who are the beneficiaries? Name, the nature of relationship, etc.
What is expected for professional trustee in terms protecting or maintaining or growing the asset that will be settled in favour of the assets. Also briefly describe the obligations of the professional trustee to the beneficiaries. Please mention the reports needed, number of meetings needed, frequency of meetings,
Any other concerns or doubts or questions or information that you would like to provide in order to obtain the fee budget.