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Corporate Business Advisory Services

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Company Secretaries

We form companies under Botswana Companies Act. We act as a Company Secretaries in terms of Botswana Companies Act.

As company secretaries we offer our office to be the registered office of your company.   We keep your secretarial records (statutory registers such as Members Register, Directors Register, Mortgage Register, Secretaries Register, Directors Interest Register, Minute Books, etc) to the best extent possible based on the information and explanations that we receive from directors from time to time.  We file statutory returns such as directors return, special resolutions, annual returns, etc. with the Companies and Intellectual Property Authority (CIPA) of Botswana.  

Board Secretaries

We act as your board secretaries to convene meetings, record the minutes, prepare board packs and offer general company law consultation to investors or directors.

Semi-legal work

We prepare heads of agreement for various business transactions and arrangements such as purchase and sale of shares, leasing of business premises, shareholders' agreement, employment / director contracts etc.

Transfer Secretaries

We act as Transfer Secretaries for listed public limited companies to ensure that compliance with stock exchange rules is achieved.

Business Consulting

We apply for your immigration and work permits, trading, manufacuting, mining and services business licenses, registrations, permissions and approvals.

Botswana Trusts - Ready for Business!

30 August 2018

RSM Botswana Products and Services

30 August 2018
We present the products and services we deliver in three separate product groups or divisions as under.   However if you require Company Profile please click the link rsm_company_profile.pdf.    1  Audit and Consulting Division mostly having corporate clientele

RSM Botswana Company Profile

26 July 2018
For printer friendly RSM Botswana Company Profile please click the link rsm_company_profile.pdf. 

Dormant Companies

11 September 2017

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