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Government Ministries

RSM Botswana has provided Enterprise Wide Risk Management consulting to the Department of Regional and Town Planning, Mogiditshane Sub-Land Board and have provided ministries with client specific risk manuals and registers.   


Botswana Parastatals are autonomous implementing authorities born out of a specifically enacted Statute in the National Parliament.  Soon after birth, a chairman, CEO and board are put in place to commence operations which basically is a transformation taking organisational activities from a ministry to a statutory body.  RSM Botswana has in deed played a historic role in growing a few parastatals from inception to complete transformation.  

  1. RSM Botswana outsourced accounting, management reporting functions of Non-Bank Financial Insitutions Authority and Local Enterprise Authority during early days. 
  2. Botswana Geoscience Insitute engage RSM Botswana to prepare HR, Finance, Accounting, Records and Internal Control manuals, undertake HR functions such as recruitment, induction and onboarding until recruits are trained and handed over. 
  3. RSM Botswana also assisted Botswana Architects Registration Council with accounting and finance functions. 
  4. We carry out Risk consulting to a few parastatals including Botswana Examinations Council and Statistics Botswana. 
  5. Selibe-Phikwe Economic Development Unit (SPEDU) implemented software solutions offered by Businesoft, a division of RSM Botswana.

Unions and SACCOS (Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies)

We have implemented specialised software solutions to many SACCOS and Unions, have performed audit and accounting work to a few unions and Savings and Credit Cooperative Society Limited organisations.  These are typically employee benefit organisations where owners, borrowers and lenders are all employees having equal voting rights. 

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

Under the laws of botswana a not for profit society or company or trust should register for taxes but may not pay tax on applications meant to serve the core purpose of the entity.  Many NGOs serving the cause of the poor, within the HIV/AIDs sphere and the cause of education are our clients.  Several Foreign Aid / Funding programmes and Donor Organizations use our services as trustees for salary payments to field officals and tax compliance. 

Forming a Not-For-Profit Charitable Organization in Botswana

1 May 2020
Would you like to start a charity in Botswana? 

RSM Partakes in Botswana Innovation Hub's Coffee Session

1 February 2019
Guru, our Chairman, addressed an audience of about 50 entrepreneurs between 10 am and 12 noon at Botswana Innovation Hub on Friday the 1st February 2019.  The topic was opportuniies for innovation in Botswana a for co-creating.

Mogoditshane-Thamaga Sub-District Council, A Risk Management Practice Forerunner

14 December 2018
Wow!  We were pleased when Mogoditshane Thamaga Sub District Council gave us an opportunity to conduct enterprise wide risk management training.  We listened to them and understood their budget constraints and designed a risk register based on MS Access for them to commence immediately with recording of risks as and when their various divisions would find them.  Th

Botswana Trust Property Control Act 2018

30 August 2018
Botswana Trust Property Control Act, 2018 The recently enacted Trust Property Control Act makes the Master of High Court the Authority for registration and even correction of trust deeds that are not in the interests of beneficiaries.

RSM is proud of BGI

9 August 2017
Those great 9 months!

What is a Trust? Why should you form a Trust?

25 January 2017
Your printerfrinedly version for download here: trusts.pdf. Why should you form a BotswanaTrust?

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