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Why are you an entrepreneur?  Some of you are entrepreneurs because of the independence it gives you; some because, it is a mode of subsitence; and, some, becuase it brings out their craftmanship or hobby or makes them enjoy their leisure even better.  Today the trend is that entrepreneurs love to make tons and tons of money and in their pursuit are architecting the economies' future.  Whatever is your entrepreneurial favour, you need Business Health Checks done on your business even when you are building the world's best strategy!

Business Value or Equity Building

You build a business to sell.  To some of you who don't want to sell, please don't take this literally.  What have you done today that can increase your share value, not just your business?  A good business does not have to have a good share value.  How many entrepreneurs are concerned with share value?  Very few, from our expereince.

Business Valuation Services

We value your business. 

Cashing Business Value

Business value is not just in books or on a piece of paper.  It is the real cash value that you will get when you admit a partner or when you sell your business or when you seek funds from Botswana Stock Exchange.  RSM Botswana will be able to show you the money, if you meticulously follow the measures we suggest in our value building consulting within the time frame that we both agree.

Buying and Selling of Businesses

Anyone who would like to sell his business or would like to buy a business, can list the business or the purchase intention on RSM Botswana website, totally free of cost by using this link:

Trusts for Families and Closely held Businesses

Family trusts are often made to pass on the business to the next generation and not just to protect assets or distribute income.  Trusts are conduits and thus pay no tax other than what beneficiaries would have paid otherwise. However when Trusts conduct business themselves, they pay tax.  Tax is somewhat a complicated topic when it comes to Trusts.

Business Plans and Business Model Canvas

We prepare business plans using 6M methodology (Men, Materials, Management, Market, Money and Machines) for an establshed steady business but would rather prepare a business model canvas for a growing business..

Please download rsm_audit_and_consulting_services.pdf for printer-friendly version of Enterprise Consultiing services.  Please email for any further information or clarifications. 

Botswana Trusts, the way to go.

24 January 2019
Trust is a great form of organisation, business organisation, rather.  Transfer of business wealth from a generation to another can be facilitated through Trusts.  Assets may be held in Trusts for care by professional trustees, particularly assets giving rise to passive income or simple businesses or insurance policies and long term investments that need to grow wi

Is Audit a Value-Add?

9 January 2019
There clearly is a business case for external audits.

General Practitioner needs a successor

16 December 2018
A general medical practitioner with decades of experience would like to retire.  Looking for a patient-centric and experienced general medical practitioner to succeed him in his practice (ngaka).  The succession plan that will be made when the successor is available will be subject to approval by the Ministry of Health.  The practice is located in Gaborone, having

General Advice to Sellers of Businesses

12 December 2018
When to sell your business?

Botswana Trust Property Control Act 2018

30 August 2018
Botswana Trust Property Control Act, 2018 The recently enacted Trust Property Control Act makes the Master of High Court the Authority for registration and even correction of trust deeds that are not in the interests of beneficiaries.

What is a Trust? Why should you form a Trust?

25 January 2017
Why should you form a BotswanaTrust?

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