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Entrepreneurship Consulting Services

Entrepreneurship Consulting

We believe that entrepreneurs are Botswana's national asset and all national and international stakeholders in Botswana have to cultivate entrepreneurs in Botswana at various levels of entrepreneurial achievement.


At gross root level RSM Botswana lights up the entrepreneurial fire through entreprenuership clinics and workshops.  We do it for employees of institutions and businesses or groups of prospective entrepreneurs to pave way for them to make a choice in favour of entrepreneurship some day in their lives.  We also conduct workshops on entrepreneurial approach to work which cultivates out-of-box thinking in staff members.

Health Checks

When entrepreneurial businesses are growing, RSM Botswana offers business health checks and consults entreprenuers to identify the correct business areas to work on to achieve overall business growth in terms of talent management, market development or penetration, research or work methodology, products or service offering , source of supply and financial rate of return. 


As a temporary or permanent solution, we outsource Finance and HR fucntions, with a view to strengthening your business.  We prepare your Finance and Human Resource Manuals.  We conduct recruitments.  We also implement Book-keeping, Management Information, Payroll and Human Resource Managment Software for your company.  We second our specialist staff members to clients who require our services to build capacity or to give effect to restructuring or turnaround plans.

Business Value or Equity Building

For matured entrepreneurial business, RSM Botswana offers value building services where an entrepreneur is coached through regular monthly meetings to assist him or her with enhancing business value or building equity value through working on various value drivers in a systematic way.

Please read entrepreneurship_consulting.pdf for more deteailed information

Fiduciary Services

Trusts for Families and Closely held Businesses

Family trusts are often made to protect assets or distribute income.  But yet, family trusts are particularly useful when you make an exit plan, without having to sell your business.  You may continue to own your business and yet plan to leave your valuable business to the next generation or another management team or the business could be a simple business that can be managed by trustees.  In these circumstances, you will need professional trustees to be your responsible advisors and representatives to take over your ownership responsibility.  

Therefore, as professional trustees we represent you the investors or owners.  As trustees or investor representatives, we appoint directors under your instructions and carryout other professional oversight tasks in strict accordance with Trust Deed that is created especially for you in your situation.  A Trust is not one-size-fits-all solution and is driven by probing questions and a deep understanding of your unique circumstances, your family, your goals.

We will work with your attorneys in forming and managing trusts.  Where you don't have attorneys, we work with Piyush Sharma, Attorneys, Notaries and Conveyancers to form and manage Trusts.

There is always a big question asked about tax benefits of a Trust.  There is no specific trust laws in Botswana.  Trusts are conduits and they retain the character of the income in the hands of beneficiaries and thus pay no tax.  This is in a situation where trusts receive and disburse funds to beneciaries.  But when Trusts conduct business themselves, they pay tax.  Tax is a complicated topic when it comes to Trusts and more detailed information is required to ascertain the tax provision.  Important point to note is that one needs to form a trust for the inherent benefits the arrangement has, rather than for tax benefits, although there are situations where tax benefits would occur.

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30 August 2018
We present the products and services we deliver in three separate product groups or divisions as under.   However if you require Company Profile please click the link rsm_company_profile.pdf.    1  Audit and Consulting Division mostly having corporate clientele

Fiduciary Services

25 January 2017
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