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Jersey launches Visitor Accommodation Subsidy Scheme

17 November 2020
The Government of Jersey has announced the introduction of a Visitor Accommodation Subsidy Scheme, specifically targeted at supporting the Islands’ visitor accommodation sector.

Government of Jersey announces new business support measures

17 November 2020
The Government of Jersey has released details of its latest business support package.  The Co-Funded Payroll Scheme Phase 3+ follows the Phase 3 scheme, offering financial support over a longer period. The scheme is available to business, charities and sole-traders.

Jersey opens new on-Island fast track Covid testing lab

17 September 2020
Jersey’s new on-Island Covid testing lab has begun processing tests.  The lab is expected to significantly improve processing time for those arriving in the Island, with results anticipated to be available on average within 12 hours.  Previously the Island relied upon UK based testing, which will now be phased out over the next four weeks. 

Jersey Spend Local Cards to be issued next week

1 September 2020
Jersey’s £100 Spend Local Cards are due to be distributed in the second week of September.  The Cards form part of the Government of Jersey's spend local campaign which is a key component of its £150m fiscal stimulus package announced in July.

New travel arrangements for Guernsey under Phase 5b from 17 August

9 August 2020
Phase 5b of Guernsey’s exit framework will commence on Monday 17 August, with the reintroduction of Group A, B & C countries. Anyone travelling from a Group A, B or C country must adhere to the prevailing self-isolation and Covid testing regime applicable to the Group.  The countries included in each Group may be subject to change at short notice.

Jersey begins move to Level 1 of its Safe Exit Framework

7 August 2020
The Government of Jersey has today announced that the Island will start moving to Level 1 of its Safe Exit Framework from midnight tonight.

Jersey proposes temporary cut to employee social security contributions

4 August 2020
Jersey's Council of Ministers has proposed a temporary reduction of 2% to employee social security contributions.  The proposal remains subject to a States Assembly decision during the week of 7th September.   If approved, employee contributions will temporarily reduce from 6% to 4% on earnings up to the Standard Earnings Limit (currently £4,558/month) from 1 Octob

Jersey delays move to Level 1 lockdown

24 July 2020
Jersey's government has announced that following advice from the Scientific and Technical Advisory Cell the Island will remain at Level 2 of its safe exit framework for at least the rest of July, with the move to Level 1 now being targeted in early August.

Guernsey returns to a 'new normal' at Stage five of the Island's lockdown exit plan

26 June 2020
Guernsey is currently enjoying Stage five of its lockdown exit plan.  The Island has returned to a 'new normal' activity level, with only a limited amount of internal restrictions still applying. Travel restrictions are still being enforced.

Jersey's borders set to re-open on 3 July

26 June 2020
Jersey's Economic Development Minister, Senator Lyndon Farnham, has today announced that Jersey's borders will re-open from 3 July. Senator Farnham said the Island is in a 'strong position' to resume travel, with all travellers either taking a Covid-19 test upon arrival or being required to complete a 14 day isolation period.  

Jersey confirms move to Level 2 lockdown

11 June 2020
Jersey's Chief Minister has confirmed the Island will progress to Level 2 of its safe exit framework on Friday 12 June. Business should continue to enable working from home wherever possible, but increased business activity in workplaces can take place within strict guidelines.

Guernsey moves to Stage 4 lockdown

1 June 2020
Guernsey entered phase four of its coronavirus lockdown exit strategy on Saturday 30 May. Phase four allows most business activities to occur, subject to distancing and enhanced hygiene requirements.  Where employees can work from home, they should be encouraged to continue doing so.

Revenue Jersey allows requests to defer payment on account for personal taxation

24 May 2020
Revenue Jersey will consider applications to defer personal tax installments which are ordinarily due by 31  May. Applicants must provide information to support 'the grave and exceptional circumstances' which mean they need to defer payment.

Channel Islands COVID-19 business support guidance note - updated

23 May 2020
We are pleased to share an upate to our COVID-19 business support guidance note for Jersey and Guernsey. Contact us on 01534 816000 or [email protected] if you require assistance with these measures.  

Jersey public companies can apply for an extension to the seven month filing deadline for audited financial statements

17 May 2020
The JFSC has announced that Jersey public companies can apply for an extension to the normal seven month filing deadline for audited financial statements.

Guernsey announces move to Stage 3 lockdown

15 May 2020
The Government of Guernsey has today announced that the Bailiwick will enter phase three of its coronavirus lockdown exit strategy on Saturday. This move is a week earlier than originally anticipated, and follows 15 days with no new reported cases of the virus.

Jersey announces move to Level 3 lockdown

11 May 2020
Jersey will move to Level 3 of its safe exit framework on Monday 11 May.

Government of Jersey announces its safe exit framework

8 May 2020
The Government of Jersey has announced its Safe Exit Framework, with four levels taking the Island from lockdown, to soft lockdown, soft opening and finally physical distancing.  Find out more here. 

Government of Guernsey releases its exit framework

8 May 2020
The Government of Guernsey has released a six stage exit framework, with the Island currently being at stage 2.  Find out more here.

Channel Islands COVID-19 business support guidance notes

29 April 2020
We are pleased to share our COVID-19 business support guidance notes: - Changes in regulatory deadlines for Jersey and Guernsey; and

Channel Islands COVID-19 Update

28 April 2020
The Coronavirus pandemic is causing major disruption to many businesses across the Channel Islands.  Hospitality, construction, non-food retailers and local owner-managed business have been particularly badly affected in the initial weeks, but there are significant headwinds facing all sectors.  Adapting to the new business environment while protecting our resident