We can help with:

  • Application for salary reimbursement and compensation according to the schemes below
  • Understanding and application of new legislative packages:

    • Extended right to wage reimbursement in the event of infection or quarantine
    • Temporary wage compensation for employees
    • Compensation for revenue decline
    • Temporary compensation for the company's fixed costs
    • Settlement and reporting deadlines - A-tax, am-contribution, VAT and B-tax

  • Analysis of the consequences for your business, including discussion of different scenarios
  • Crisis management in connection with the restructuring of the company
  • Operating, status and liquidity budgets

How does your business benefit from government assistance packages?

Our Task Force aims to help your company understand and apply the help packages. It is possible to obtain compensation for salaries, fixed costs and a decrease in turnover, but there are a number of requirements for the application of the various schemes. We have an overview and knowledge of the requirements, and can help your company with the application.


We help your company through the Corona crisis with help packages from the government

We follow developments closely, and are available with our expert knowledge and experience to be able to help your company, regardless of size or industry.