RSM Egypt

Strategic Planning

An appropriate business idiom is “If you don’t know where you are going, you will never know when you will get there.”

A business that is not managed by a strategic plan is not likely to achieve its potential. The objective of a strategic plan is to help you define where and how you want to move your business into the future. We will help you develop a strategic plan for your business that will identify the following:

  • Where you want your business to be in five years
  • The strategies that you will use to get the business to be where you wanted to be
  • The strategic goals that the business should achieve by year over the next five years
  • The benchmarks that you should use to measure the progress of your business

A strategic plan will typically identify strategic goals along the following key building blocks of a business:

  • Growth and profitability (revenue and profits)
  • Business customers and markets
  • People (business management and staff)
  • Critical internal capabilities

A strategic plan will also describe a tailored strategic management process that would support the implementation of the plan.

Our approach to strategic planning is interactive. We will work with you through a number of high level sessions to agree:

  • Your vision for the business (where you want your business to be in five years)
  • Your strategic goals and strategies
  • The benchmarks that would be used to measure progress


We will also assist you with the implementation of the strategic management process in the first year and follow up with you on how you are implementing the process for a year or two afterwards.