RSM Egypt

Financial Process Outsourcing

FPO Department is a product of combining our accounting, tax compliance, payroll services, legal and start-up business assistance departments. The FPO department was created with the goal of providing high quality services tailored to your needs, making sure our clients always have one point of contact. Our team of financial and legal specialists guarantees a high level of personal attention and commitment. Due to the strong cooperation with the (international) tax advisors and auditors of RSM in Egypt and other RSM offices in several countries we are able to provide a large number of services at a higher quality.

Due to the synergy between the combined departments, our FPO department is able to provide a large number of services at a higher quality,
Our Department has the required capabilities to be the back office of a wide variety of clients and industries through providing a full range of customized, out-sourced accounting, tax compliance, payroll services, legal and start-up business assistance departments. 


Of all departments in a company, accounting is one of the most important to automate. With the help of our exemplary information technology personnel, we will develop and implement financial and managerial accounting software systems to fit the needs of any company. We’ll take care of your bookkeeping and preparing your accounts, profit/loss projection and budgeting, bank reconciliations, provisional tax calculation for tax estimates, and preparing annual financial statements and assisting schedules for external audit purposes and concentrating on the auditor’s requirements. 

Tax Compliance

In today's corporate environment, there is more to tax than just structuring. Failure to comply and manage tax obligations could result in unexpected penalties and additional tax. at's why we never underestimate the importance of these obligations and the deadlines that come with them. International companies on the other hand need more than just local compliance assistance, they require multi-jurisdictional assistance. At RSM, we can manage these multi-national compliance requirements in a coordinated manner. RSM can assist with income tax return preparation & review, fringe

benefits tax return preparation & review, pay-roll tax advice and return preparation, deferred tax computations and preparation of tax notes for Financial Statements in accordance with the Egyptian Accounting Standards, transfer pricing benchmarking studies & documentation, adherence of tax professionals to assist in-house finance divisions, coordination of global tax compliance requirements, and revenue authority representation - audits, investigations, negotiations, settlements. 

Payroll Services 

When it comes to payroll administration, you as a business owner are faced with complicated regulations. You are required to do much more than just maintain a payroll administration system. ere are many reasons for this, including changes in social security legislation, options concerning subsidies and employment law. Added to this are changes in tax law, training schemes and collective pay agreements.

We can also take payroll administration off your hands. Our salary advice group can take care of the standard processing of monthly salaries for your employees. However, there’s much more that we can do for you. Our advisors can advise and assist you with wage taxes, social security issues, employee benefits, wage subsidies and remuneration policy. 

Startup Business Assistance

We understand that starting up a new business can be an overwhelming experience. Skillfully developing a short and long-term strategy is a daunting task, let alone mastering all the legal details of getting the business started. Let our skilled and experienced professionals help you get off the ground and running. We will manage all start-up regulatory matters and assist you in developing your accounting system. Additionally, your business can take advantage of your exemplary financial consulting professionals to ensure that you’re off to an exceptional start.  

Management and Domiciliation Services

FPO Department provides a corporate resident director for your holding and finance company. As managing director, we carry out the day-to-day management of the company and we ensure compliance with all relevant administrative, legal and tax requirements.
FPO Department opens and manages client’s bank accounts as director or procurator of the company. Payments are executed if they fit into the agreed transaction profile. FPO Department offers a registered or correspondence address. We process and file all communications to this address accurately on a day-to-day basis. 

Business Incubation Services