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As the spread of the global pandemic, COVID-19, continues to impact the world, global economies, organizations, and market sectors continue to witness mass disruptions, unprecedented challenges and great uncertainty. At RSM, we have gathered a number of resources to keep you up to date with government announcements, business reliefs, tax legislations and other related insights on the countermeasures taken to mitigate the negative impacts of the outbreak, as well as prepare for future emergency events.

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COVID-19 Fast Feed

27 August 2020
Stay informed about the latest COVID-19 news and statistics in Egypt August 27, 2020 There were 206 infections in Egypt yesterday. The number of confirmed new deaths was 19 as of yesterday. The total death toll is now 5,317.

Here's How Companies Have Responded to COVID-19

21 May 2020
In an effort to get insights on how companies in Egypt are coping with the pandemic’s repruccissions and their views on fiscal relief set by the government, the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt surveyed 103 businesses operating in more than 14 sectors.

IMF Lends Support to Egypt Amidst Pandemic Crisis

13 May 2020
In the past fews months since the COVID-19 outbreak, Egypt witnessed an escalated amount of imbalanced payments. They have since been negotiating with the IMF on their request for emergency financial assistance, worth 2.772 billion dollars, to alleviate financial pressures and support vulnerable sectors impacted by the pandemic.

Reviving Domestic Tourism in Egypt

4 May 2020
Making about 12% - 15% of the economy’s GDP and being one of the driving sources of foreign currency in the country, the fall in tourism has put great pressures on the government.

Temporary License Granted To Businesses Operating in Free Zones

23 April 2020
On April 22, 2020 a statement was issued by the Chairman of the Investment Authority to facilitate operative procedures for new projects developed to work in investment areas for medical supplies and food commodities projects.

Tax Alert: Government Extends Tax Break to Sectors Severely Hit by COVID-19

19 April 2020
In light of ongoing financial challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Egyptian Cabinet announced on April 16, 2020, the approval of the Egyptian Ministry of Finance tax and financial relief draft aimed at mitigating financial consequences emerging from this crisis.

Egypt’s Economic Mitigating Measures Against COVID-19

13 April 2020
Ensuing the global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the global economy has witnessed mass disruptions in various economic sectors with surging levels of uncertainty.