Experience and Expertise

Our people

Our qualified and admitted lawyers are recognised within their respective jurisdictions as being experts in their field. We also have access to specialist HR (human resources) and labour practitioners. When required, we call upon other RSM colleagues to provide specialist tax and financial support for client projects.

Several RSM member firms also have legal specialists who are recognised as being in country experts in particular areas. These include people advisory, corporate reorganisation and wealth succession planning in England and Wales; black economic transformation services in South Africa; specialist inheritance law in Germany; real estate and banking services in Italy; specialist pre-litigation and litigation legal services in relation to tax disputes in France and mergers and acquisitions in Spain.

In addition to providing legal services, our advisers are often requested to present at conferences and seminars on current legal topics, teach in academia and many have published articles in leading legal journals.

Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are the cornerstone of the RSM legal service offering. RSM understands the need for businesses to merge or to acquire other businesses, as a mechanism to gain market share, to enter new markets or to invest in new technologies. These transactions become complex where cross-jurisdictional deals are concerned.

At RSM, our legal advisers can assist you through each stage of the transaction. From deal inception to business integration, we are there to help turn your business growth ambitions into a reality.

Corporate and commercial

Well-structured and commercially savvy corporate and commercial arrangements are key to the success of your businesses.  Addressing potential issues from the start can help you manage your risk and safeguard your interests, as well as avoid any potential disputes.

At RSM, our legal advisers will help enhance the value of your business by collaborating closely with you to ensure that you close the all-important deals and are equipped with value adding commercial solutions.

Employment and labour

Your people are your most important asset. However, RSM also understands that the right people should be employed in the right position to deliver growth. In addition, the economic shifts, a demand for global mobility and a flexible workforce, plus constant changes to compliance and legislation, mean that employment related challenges for multinational businesses are greater than ever.

At RSM, our legal advisers can work with you to provide unique solutions across a wide spectrum of employment related matters.

Restructuring, insolvency and business rescue

Any business requiring operational and strategic efficiencies, will require specialist legal (and tax) advice on its restructuring options and the implementation thereof. Similarly, any business in financial difficulty will require well-informed commercial and legal advice on an urgent basis to protect itself, its directors, shareholders, and other stakeholders, and to recover operationally where possible and restructure.

At RSM, our legal advisers can advise on, and implement, all aspects of the corporate restructuring, insolvency, or business rescue. Where required, we can also tap into our RSM colleagues specialising in tax and business restructuring.