Projects supported by the Foundation

Changing our perception of differences

The RSM France Foundation is committed to tackling inequality and contributing to a more supportive environment, through sharing its skills for the benefit of disabled people and individuals looking to integrate into the world of work.



Force Femmes

Goal : To support women over the age of 45 in their return to employment

Established in 2003, Force Femmes aims to help unemployed women over 45 years old. It has set up a personalised support system in order to guide women towards autonomy in the construction of their professional or entrepreneurial project.

Through the organization's actions, 2,000 women start up and strengthen their projects each year, supported by 950 volunteers.

Institut de l'Engagement

Goal : Professional integration of young people

L’Institut de l'Engagement is an organisation established in 2012 which has since then been chaired by Martin Hirsch and directed by Claire de Mazancourt. It enables thousands of young people embarking upon volunteering projects to structure their professional journey. It offers personalised support to 700 selected candidates (the "Institute Laureates"), which enables them to overcome academic, cultural, social, disability-related and financial barriers. This helps them carry out their future projects, which range from putting together training programs to creating a company or a non-profit.

Les Invisibles

Goal : Giving vulnerable people back their sight

Les Invisibles is an organization that restores sight to vulnerable individuals who have no social security coverage, a group which makes up 5 % of the French population. They launched this project during the first lockdown and have since managed to successfully set up a travelling bus in Paris in just a few weeks! Thanks to the support of partner companies, their volunteers have carried out eye tests and offered quality frames and lenses. As part of its first launch, the organization has carried out more than 1,000 eye tests, given out around 700 pairs of glasses and detected about 300 eye conditions. The project is now expanding further into multiple regions.

Refugee Food  

Goal : Professional integration of refugees

Refugee Food aims to facilitate access to employment for refugees in the catering industry, a trade in which 120,000 positions are vacant in France. The organization has various different projects, including a culinary festival which encourages collaborations between restaurants and refugee cooks, a springboard restaurant in Paris that trains refugee cooks, cooking courses, a catering business, and food aid programs, as well as a program to raise awareness of the situation of refugees among schoolchildren in France.


Goal : To provide support for young entrepreneurs from working-class areas

Time2Start's mission is to promote entrepreneurship in working-class neighbourhoods. In close collaboration with local agents and committed companies, the organisation created in 2013 identifies and selects young people wishing to carry out their entrepreneurial projects. For this purpose, it has set up a free 6-month selective training program that enables them to transform their entrepreneurial projects into solid business models. For the beginning of the adventure, 170 entrepreneurs have been trained and 90 companies have been launched.


Goal : To provide high school students from educational priority areas with guidance

ViensVoirMonTaf is "the network for young people without a network". The organization's goal is to broaden the professional horizons of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and to raise their awareness of professional orientation possibilities. It helps 14- to 15-year-old high school students from educational priority areas to find the internship of their dreams. ViensVoirMonTaf also organizes workshops about resumes, career paths and more relevant subjects in partner schools. Since its creation in 2015, the organization has helped around 2500 young people throughout France, and as a result of completing their internship 82% of them have attested a rise in their professional ambitions.  


Goal : To provide professional guidance for young girls

Since 2019, ALBA has been accompanying 15-25 year old girls who live in rural or underprivileged areas in their professional development. Through instilling them with confidence and giving them access to a strong network, ALBA pushes for their empowerment and helps them choose their own path in life. They provide 1 to 1 mentoring over the course of a year as well as group workshops.



Deux mains en main

Goal : Launching a sign language festival

Created in March 2021, "Deux mains en main" is an organisation which aims to draw attention to sign language and deaf culture. It was founded to bring deaf and hearing people together around theatre, sign language singing and musical performances. The association also puts on workshops to raise awareness around the deaf community and to teach sign language.

Handi Cap Evasion

Goal : Making hiking accessible to people with reduced mobility

Since 1988, HandiCap Evasion has been organizing 25 trips in France and abroad which bring disabled and able-bodied people together for a week of hiking in the great outdoors. The organization uses the "joëlette", an adapted wheelchair, to bring people with physical disabilities on excursions lasting several days. For 30 years, it has been run solely by volunteers. Only the mountain guides are paid during the excursions.

Unapei 92 - Club Sports Loisirs Culture 

Goal : To help people with intellectual disabilities to take part in activities

The ‘Club Sports Loisirs Culture’, which is based in the Parisian region, enables 90 disabled people to flourish by practicing a supervised activity relating to culture, sport, or well-being. In France, it is the only leisure club open all week and at the weekend, and regularly welcomes people with intellectual disabilities. It also helps their families to facilitate their daily life.



Start Us Up !

Goal : To help young entrepreneurs to develop their projects

Start US Up is a program funded by the US Embassy and led by Sarah Ourahmoune (Olympic boxing champion, member of the Paris 2024 committee and member of the RSM Foundation executive committee). The program is fully funded and allows young people aged 18 to 30, living in the Paris region, with or without degrees, to benefit from a unique six-month support program to develop their projects and to take part in the 2024 Olympic Games.

Each year, RSM participates by organizing a speed-meeting where our experts help the entrepreneurs to resolve their financial and structural issues.