E-Service is a Guatemalan company with more than 25 years of experience in accounting and tax matters affiliated with Orellana Sanchez, Sazo & Asociados, S.C.

The experience we have with the Office of Guatemala for more than 25 years in accounting and tax practice has allowed us to serve among all partners and managers for more than 1,000 companies throughout Latin America and the United States.

Multidisciplinary Professional Services

Our company, have everything required to support with the services of accounting, tax compliance and inventory control, with the following approach:

  • Provide a strategic service focused on identifying key business risks.
  • Concentrate the action on the business objectives and the managerial perception of the critical factors of success.
  • Guide to establish appropriate policies and control systems in order to manage the risk effectively.
  • To exercise an independent evaluator function, to supervise the fulfillment of internal and external dispositions.

    In accordance with the requirements set forth by you as customers, our team will assume responsibility for the fulfillment of the objectives of the work, ensuring the quality of the final product and the deadlines compromised.

How can we help?

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