Webinar event: Towards IPO success with the latest ERP system

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9 March 2023 (Thursday) 2:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. (HKT)

Towards IPO success with the latest ERP system

以最新的 ERP 系統去實現成功的IPO

Is your organization planning for IPO, or are you already a listed company? Does your ERP meet corporate governance requirements? Are you managing to prepare the financial statements promptly? Are you able to ensure transparency in financial statements?

Join RSM's professionals for a discussion on Oracle NetSuite's capabilities, considerations for implementing Oracle NetSuite and how Oracle NetSuite transit your company from private to public by keeping financials accurate, up-to-date and being compliant with regulations.

您的組織是否準備上市,又或者您已經是一家上市公司? 您的 ERP 系統是否符合公司治理要求? 您是否能及時準備完整的財務報表? 您又能否確保財務報表的透明度?

與 RSM 的專業人士一起討論 Oracle NetSuite 的功能、實施 Oracle NetSuite 的注意事項以及 Oracle NetSuite 如何通過保持財務準確性、以最新而又符合法規的方法來幫助您的公司成功上市!

Highlights 研討會重點:

  • Common challenges which IPO clients or listed companies will face
  • How can a Cloud application support companies in fulfilling listing requirements
  • Case study and live demo
  • Additional considerations beyond the systems and keys to success
  • IPO客戶或上市公司將面臨的挑戰
  • 雲應用程序如何支持公司滿足上市要求
  • 案例研究和現場演示
  • 系統外的考慮因素和成功的關鍵


Event details 活動詳情



9 March 2023 (Thursday)




2:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. (Hong Kong/Taipei)

香港/台北時間 下午2:30 - 4:30



Free of charge & by invitation only






Registration deadline:


6 March 2023 (Monday)








RSM Hong Kong (Partner with Oracle NetSuite)

羅申美會計師事務所 RSM Hong Kong (由甲骨文Oracle NetSuite協辦)

Note: The organisers reserve the right to change the date and programme due to circumstances beyond our control.



Experienced speakers 講者

Mr. Jason Yau 邱梓淳先生
Asia Pacific Regional Leader and Partner, Technology and Management Consulting, RSM Hong Kong

羅申美國際亞太區域主管 及 羅申美會計師事務所 科技諮詢及管理服務 合夥人

Jason is a US CPA certified in the state of New York and a Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP).


Jason has been with RSM since 2004 and was a member of RSM US global expat team prior to joining RSM Hong Kong. He spearheaded the first APAC   region expat program and subsequently established the TMC division in Hong Kong.


The TMC team focuses on providing high-quality IT solutions to corporate customers and is comprised of IT professionals with both technology consulting   and IT security experience. These professionals came from a wide range of background including ERP/CRM   implementation, cloud strategy, cybersecurity, infrastructure, IT audit and computer forensic etc.




邱先生於2004年加入RSM 團隊,在2016年於羅申美會計師事務所任職前,曾為RSM美國成員所外派跨國團隊成員。他是首位被委任到亞太區及負責領導該區業務的專員,隨後在香港成立科技諮詢及管理服務部門,專注為企業客戶提供高質素的信息科技解決方案。


此部門團隊由信息科技專業人員組成,組員均來自不同領域,擁有豐富的技術諮詢及信息科技保安經驗,領域包括企業資源計劃與客戶關係 管理系統的實施、雲端策略、網絡安全、基礎架構、計算機審計和計算機法理鑑證等。

Ms. Yu-Ching Aldous 張語晴女士
NetSuite Practice, Greater China Region Director, Technology Management and Consulting, RSM Hong Kong

羅申美會計師事務所 科技諮詢及管理總監及Oracle NetSuite認證ERP顧問 - 項目管理認證

Yu-Ching is an expert in NetSuite, with 10 years of experience successfully delivering complex projects across a diverse range of clients throughout EMEA, North America, Latin America and APAC.


Yu-Ching is skilled in delivering enterprise-wide technology transformation programmes/projects based on Prince2 best practice, with local and offshore resources across multiple time zones. She benefits from multilingual skills in English, Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese, and Japanese, enabling her to work with a wide range of stakeholders.


Yu-Ching has delivered several major global ERP implementations as the lead consultant and led functional design streams. Before returning to APAC, Yu-Ching spent 15 years in the UK, Australia and Japan, delivering global NetSuite programmes. Examples of her client work include:

  • Project Manager to a Taiwanese multinational hardware and electronics corporation’s EMEA ecommerce rollout
  • Solution Lead to a global recruitment company operates in more than 43 countries globally (147 legal entities)
  • Lead Consultant to a financial transformation and amalgamation programme for one of the largest of professional accounting bodies in the APAC region
  • Lead Consultant for ERP, SFA and CRM solution deployment for one of the biggest transportation and logistics company in the APAC region (acquired by Japan Post in 2015)
  • Lead Consultant on an Omni-channel Retail Transformation for an Australian retailers with 150 plus franchisees









Mr. Jeff Fung 馮卓彥先生

Senior Manager, Technology and Management Consulting,  RSM Hong Kong

羅申美會計師事務所 科技諮詢及管理服務 高級經理

Jeff has more than 12 years of professional experience in IT consulting, system implementation and project management. He is a certified Oracle NetSuite ERP consultant, and he participated in over 10 ERP implementation projects in Hong Kong and the APAC Region.


Jeff also specialises in IT risk and assurance. He led an IT due diligence and IT auditing engagement of an IPO project and provided recommendations to the Client to remediate issues.




馮卓彥先生在科技諮詢、系統實施和項目管理方面擁有超過12年經驗。馮先生是Oracle NetSuite認證ERP顧問,曾在香港和亞太地區參與超過10個企業資源規劃(ERP)實施項目。



Ms. Stephanie Sun 孫藍珍女士
Industry Solution Leader, Oracle NetSuite

甲骨文公司 NetSuite 技術總監

  • 2017 - now: Oracle Corporation, Industry Solution Leader, responsible for emerging business for Pre-IPO and IPO customers
  • 2013 - 2017 : SAP Partners, Implementation Project Manager
  • 2011 - 2012 : Guangzhou Liby Group Co., Ltd., Financial Accounting
  • 2017年至今: 甲骨文公司,技術總監,主要負責新興業務的準備上市(Pre-IPO)及上市(IPO)客戶
  • 2013 - 2017 : SAP Partners,實施項目經理
  • 2011 - 2012 : 立白集團,財務會計