BlackLine: A financial process automation solution


Cloud-based software that automates key financial and accounting processes

About BlackLine

BlackLine offers a leading cloud automation software which specializes in automating the financial close process. Their goal is to help customers deal with the tedious and repetitive nature of the financial close and more importantly removing errors from this process. They look to achieve this goal with a central idea by giving their customers the promise of what they call ‘Modern Finance’. They implement these goals into practice successfully as a multi award-winning company which has over 236 000 customers in more than 150 countries.

why blackline?

The Financial close process is exceptionally important, yet many businesses have issues surrounding it. Due to its tedious nature it results in many mistakes and unsatisfied accountants. This process also takes accountants a long time, so once it is automated these valuable hours previously used on completing the financial close process can now be spent doing more strategic analysis, ultimately adding more value to your company. They offer a seamless solution which will make your internal processes more efficient and ultimately help you achieve your goals by delivering you the promise of ‘Modern Finance’. Their software achieves this through a variety of means:

  1. Automating and eliminating manual processes and errors
  2. Managing, tracking, and accelerating month-end close processes
  3. Centralizing and streamlining intercompany accounting

why choose rsm as your blackline partner?


  Customer value

  • Strategic alliance partnership with BlackLine
  • Unbiased advice and expertise
  • Process improvement driven solution delivery

   qualified blackline partner

  • Dedicated BlackLine practice with resources
  • Trained professionals with experience in delivering complex business solutions, nationally and globally
  • Industry specialty and focus is naturally incorporated in our standard approach


  • Deployment approach guided by industry leading practices
  • Proven implementation methodology and approach
  • Fully developed toolkit of deliverables and accelerators
  • ROI calculator to simulate potential returns on investment

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