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FarseerBI: An investment research platform

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RSM Hong Kong in partnership with FarseerBI brings you an investment research platform that monitors public opinion on the internet to provide you a key tool for risk management and KYC

What is FarseerBI Investment research platform?

FarseerBI is an investment research platform that specializes in risk management by monitoring the public opinion trends of people on the internet by analysing a variety of online elements, such as social media platforms and news articles. This is done so that they can track public opinion trends, sensitive topics online and monitor the general public-perception. They are based in Sheung Wan in Hong Kong and they offer unlimited potential with their investment research platform.

Why do you need FarseerBI?

Businesses today face a monumental task in having to make educated and well-informed decisions. This is because executing effective investment research is extremely challenging, when faced with volume of data which needs to be analysed. This is made worse by the fact that even the smallest mistakes in risk management can lead to a PR crisis and a public fallout. Furthermore, tracking public opinions can be either resource intensive or unfeasible, and there is an apparent lack of any practical solution. This problem is especially apparent when it comes to western companies trying to gauge how the public perceives them in China. These companies have historically used consulting firms to help manage their PR in China, yet this is costly and inefficient. So, to solve this, they offer unique insights into the market in China, ultimately allowing you to deal with the challenges presented by accessing this market. Ultimately, FarseerBI offers a unique and practical solution to all of these problems, as it offers you and your company an accessible tool to analyse public opinion trends both inside and outside of China, so that you can make educated and well informed decisions.

What RSM Hong Kong and FarseerBI can offer you

FarseerBI and RSM Hong Kong offer a variety of unique solutions through their risk management platform. The platform is not limited to one function, and it can be used in many different ways. RSM can help you efficiently implement this BI tool into your business with our experienced, and qualified consultants who can elevate your business to the next level. These are the services that we offer you with this platform:

  1. Holistic investment research tool
  2. Anti-Money laundering compliance
  3. PR Management
  4. Intelligent Cloud-based analytics tools
  5. Early warning and reporting systems
  6. Cost-efficient BI tool

This platform can allow you to make informed decisions which is essential in the modern world and RSM Hong Kong can help you implement it effectively. Ultimately taking your business to the next level.


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