Odoo: An ERP Solution

*Odoo Qualifies the Technology Voucher Program (TVP - limit 600K) and Distance business program (D-Biz - LIMIT 300K) as supported by Hong Kong Government (HK Gov) and Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC).

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An ERP solution powered by Odoo brought to you in partnership with RSM Hong Kong.

About Odoo

Odoo is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform which is designed to make your business run more efficiently. It can be used to manage and run all of your essential business processes. It is an open source ERP which caters to a wide variety of business needs. This allows the platform to be flexible as there is always a solution for all of your problems. The platform provides a wide variety of functions and some of these  include CRM, eCommerce accounting, inventory management and so much more. It can offer your business unique value as it is a simple to use and well-integrated ERP.

Odoo’s goal is to provide a simple and unique solution for all your business needs. The developers provide you easy access to their software which you need to run and expand your business and it also provides you the opportunity to personalize your experience. This allows for a flexibile and a dynamic platform which suits your needs whatever the circumstances.

why you should choose odoo

Odoo is the complete package as an ERP system. It has 30 core applications created by the development team and these are constantly updated. It has an active community of more than 1500 members who have all contributed up to 16000+ apps for all the possible business needs you could have. It is its flexibility as an open source platform which makes it the perfect candidate to help run and expand your business.

Odoo is one of the most installed business software in the world with over 4.5 million users worldwide ranging from start-up companies to large enterprises. This popularity is due to the easy use of the software and the extreme flexibility and integration of all its apps. This means that no matter how large or small your business is, Odoo is a good solution to improve your business

Odoo provides your company with a unique opportunity. This ERP has the flexibility to grow alongside your business and you can add new apps whenever the need arises. It will evolve with your needs and it will always remain relevant to your business. It is the ERP solution to bring your business to the forefront.

Why choose rsm as your odoo partner

RSM has a team of dedicated and qualified in-house experts who can cater to your businesses every need when it comes to managing Odoo. These experts are exceptionally experienced and have hands on experience when it comes to ERP implementation. RSM Hong Kong is a qualified partner of Odoo and we can offer your business full implementation, integration and advisory servies to make the transition to the platform easy and seamless for your business. Furthermore, RSM has a strong global network with international capabilities which makes us uniquely qualified to be your partner when implementing the platform in your business. Our advisors are flexible and they are attentive to your resources and needs and they will ultimately give you the power of being understood.

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