RSM Technology Monthly Alert - March 2020



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Webinar event: How technological risk, cybersecurity and digital workforce affect the corporate governance?


  • Cybersecurity in businesses
  • How technology affect the corporate governance
  • Corporate Cybersecurity framework implementation
  • Vulnerability scanning & penetration testing
  • Practical demonstration on how to control and mitigate technological risk in our daily work
  • Macro trends for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and digital workforce
  • Digital workforce capabilities and demo

Date: 27 April 2020 (Monday)
Time: 6:45 p.m. - 8:45 p.m. (HKT)

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IT Insights


The intelligent digital workforce

Today, employees spend around 10–20% of their time on mundane, repetitive tasks that can be easily automated. With Robotic Process Automation (RPA), businesses can offload these cumbersome tasks to their Digital Workforce, giving human workers more time for productivity and innovation. According to Forbes, automation can save employees up to six to nine weeks of effort each year, saving businesses four million dollars annually. This recovered time can be reinvested into career development and personal growth opportunities, making work more human. Gartner predicts that by 2020, 40% of large enterprises will have adopted Robotic Process Automation (RPA), up from less than 10% today. This guide helps to select the best automation tools for organizations which improve company’s productivity, lower costs, and improve compliance.

Seoul to debut blockchain petition system in March

Seoul is set to launch its blockchain-powered petition system on March 1. The system will enable the residents of the city to air their views and share them with the local government. It will replace the existing system which has been marred by claims of fake identities and vote manipulation. The use of blockchain will eliminate the authenticity challenge, with the technology being used to verify the identity of every person who votes, preventing duplicate voting. Blockchain will also give the system more transparency, giving the residents more trust in the system. As Seoul launches its blockchain petition system, South Korea is working on its national blockchain voting system. Announced in November 2018, the system provides real-time visibility of the voting process, making the system more credible.

Amazon trialing AI-based customer support agents

Amazon has revealed that it is currently triailing two AI-based systems to handle shopper inquiries in an effort to improve the customer service of its ecommerce platform. While one of the systems is able to field requests from customers automatically without human intervention, the other is designed to help human service agents respond to inquiries faster and more easily. Applied science manager at Amazon's customer service technical management organization, Jared Kramer explained in a blog post how the ecommerce giant's automated agents use neural networks to make decisions as opposed to just rules.


System Updates


Revolution payments optimizes biz card fees in NetSuite

Revolution Payments is streamlining the process of commercial cards and interchange fees with its new NetSuite Level III Credit Card Processing Solution, the company announced on Friday (Feb. 21). The NetSuite card processing solution simplifies payments and reduces the interchange cost of accepting commercial cards by up to 43 percent. Incorporating credit card processing functions into an accounting solution also makes workflows operate more efficiently and reduces double entry. The new integration also marks invoices as paid, automatically posts payments and archives data offsite. Transactions can be run at any stage, such as deposits, refunds and credit. 



Cybersecurity Announcements


Google Pay users could be left out of pocket by PayPal fraud bug

Criminals have taken advantage of a bug in PayPal's Google Pay integration to execute unauthorized transactions. Users on PayPal's forums, Reddit, Twitter and Google Pay's Russian and German support forums have all reported seeing mysterious transactions show up in their PayPal history which originated from their Google Pay accounts. According to the victims, hackers abused their Google Pay accounts to buy products using linked PayPal accounts. Most of the illegal transactions that have occurred so far have taken place at stores in the US with a number of them happening at Target stores across New York.

Billions of Wi-Fi devices face snooping risk due to major security flaw

Security researchers have discovered a vulnerability that could be used to exploit billions of connected devices such as routers to decrypt Wi-Fi traffic and snoop on the data. Dubbed Kr00k by researchers at security firm ESET, the flaw was able to compromise chipsets from leading providers including Broadcom and Cypress that are commonly found in smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other IoT gadgets. The researchers note that popular devices like Apple iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Amazon Echo and Kindle, Samsung’s Galaxy Range, Xiaomi’s Redmi phones, Google’s Nexus line and Raspberry Pi have incorporated these chipsets, with some access points and routers from Asus and Huawei also found to be susceptible to the bug.

Over 3 million WeChat merchants hit by outages after ‘Sabotage’ by service provider Weimob’s employee

Over 3 million merchants on Chinese super app WeChat were potentially affected by service outages after a key operation and maintenance employee at major cloud-based marketing provider Weimob “deliberately sabotaged” the latter’s production environment and database. Tencent-backed Weimob – one of the largest third-party service providers for small and medium-sized businesses on WeChat – said in a Hong Kong stock exchange filing this week that the employee apparently attacked its systems due to “personal mental and life issues”. The employee has since been arrested. The company’s board expects the outages caused by the employee’s actions to damage operations of its SaaS business, but not its other business segments.