DevSecOps Implementation Strategy

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2 December 2022 | Duration 90 Minutes

Attacks on application development supply chains have greatly accelerated. The risk is even higher especially for those which are now embracing DevSecOps best practice for securing applications. Adopting a DevSecOps approach would help maintain the speed of development and deployment while ensuring the security of applications.

As technology continues to accelerate so too do the threats of cyberattacks against organizations. Threats continue to grow both in complexity and likelihood these days. This situation puts increasing pressure on DevOps teams to build securely while they still have to do maintenance with rapid deployment timelines. In order to embed security into development lifecycle and be effective against threats, your organization's DevOps team must incorporate the right people, processes and technology.

However, there are so many better practices to achieve and maintain application security. Each organization may set a combination of different approaches and determine how far they want to shift responsibility for securing application to the developers.

In this webinar, we will share with you some point of views in implementing DevSecOps for your organization.



Resdy Benyamin - Partner, Technology Consulting Practice


10:00am -11.30am

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This webinar is a complimentary event | It will be delivered in English and Bahasa Indonesia | Link to access the webinar will be provided 1 day prior the event.