It is no secret that effective communication is crucial in any organisation. It plays a vital role in setting and meeting clear objectives, supporting the tracking of information and monitoring of project status, as well as managing overall expectations of employees and employers. In this short video, Brian James of RSM Netherlands and Augustin de La Chapelle of RSM Switzerland discuss how successful communication can strengthen relationships and build trust within a global organisation. 

The foundations of good communication are understanding your key stakeholders and adapting the delivery of key information to them. This is especially important when communicating with global employees that may be in different time zones, working remotely, or speaking different languages. Clear communication around policies, procedures, roles and responsibilities, business objectives, and milestones are all key to successfully managing a global workforce. 

Modern business takes place via a multitude of channels, which opens doors to new ways of communicating. It is important that organisations identify the most effective channel for the relevant stakeholders, the feedback or responses required, and the confidentiality or time-sensitive nature of the communication.

Brian and Augustin discuss the importance of clarity and simplicity in communication. They share their experiences in supporting organisations with a global team to find the right balance between remote work that may provide flexibility for employees, and in-person work that may be required to meet business objectives.


Brian James
Brian James
Head of Global Employer Services
RSM Netherlands