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jeanstephens.pngAs CEO of RSM, I’m always on the move working with RSM member firms in over 100 countries around the world. My travel gives me a unique perspective on both local challenges facing businesses and global trends shaping their future in a shifting economic landscape.

International accountancy has always been a fast-paced, exciting and rewarding industry. As technical as it may seem, our industry is also very much a people business. Through this blog, I plan on sharing with you  insights from my colleagues, our clients and other industry leaders which I hope you find interesting. And of course, I will keep you updated with news from within the RSM World.

I hope you enjoy reading.

Jean Stephens

The smell of success - beauty company entrepreneurs turn €7 thousand into €77 million

23 March 2012
The winners of the RSM International Entrepreneur of the Year title at the European Business Awards (EBA) are the founders of Maesa Group, Julien Saada and Gregory Mager.

Tougher measures needed to increase number of women on boards

5 March 2012
Today Commissioner Reding of the European Union called for a period of consultation to address the serious issue of increasing the number of women in economic decision-making positions.


29 February 2012
The European Business Awards are now open for entries from businesses across the EU.

Beyond the balance sheet and beyond the bonus? ... People are Intangible, invaluable assets

27 February 2012
One of the largest, and most constant, challenges in business is unlocking and maximising the potential of relationships with colleagues and clients. Trusting, loyal and rewarding relationships are the true drivers of our business growth and the foundation of our success as a service business.

Simply different

30 January 2012
In the business arena today, local no longer exists - we live in an interconnected, globalised world where companies must think on an international scale. As companies realise the need to develop globally, diversity in the workplace becomes an integral component in creating and sustaining a competitive edge.

Planning for an interesting 2012

28 January 2012
If 2011 was anything to go by we are in for a very interesting year. From The Arab Spring to hard hitting government austerity measures, the call for radical changes to banking practices and, closer to home, the long awaited debate on audit dominance - we witnessed a year of unprecedented headlines.

RSM Congratulates European Business Award Winners

25 November 2011
Earlier this week, the finale of the 2011 European Business Awards took place at a galaceremony in Barcelona.  The European Business Awards provide a platform where outstanding European businesses can represent their country and be recognised for their achievements.

A long term future for our profession

25 October 2011
You will have seen the draft proposals from the European Commission that became public at the end of September, which, if adopted, would produce major changes to our profession, particularly in the auditing of listed companies. These proposals were followed by a detailed impact assessment prepared by the Commission’s Staff.

Global business confidence - a local perspective from Hong Kong & China

19 August 2011
The latest FT/Economist Global Business Barometer indicated a fall in confidence among businesses around the world. More than a third of respondents expect conditions to worsen.

Facing up to business

12 August 2011
Eighty per cent of my time is spent on the move. I am more often than not travelling between meetings with our member firms or potential members within RSM International, meeting their clients and key government or business leaders, and doing business with great people all over the world.