Asset management

Ireland’s international financial services sector has grown spectacularly since its establishment, and it continues to attract significant levels of foreign investment. Overall, the funds industry has in excess of €4.5 trillion assets under administration with €2.5 trillion of this amount in Irish domiciled funds. Ireland’s position in the investment funds industry is attributable to a wide-range of factors, including EU membership, the regulatory environment, tax benefits, including a favourable tax treaty network, and the experienced professional workforce.

RSM Ireland service asset management clients operating across the sector, including ICAV's and open-ended investment companies. In our work we interact with the leading banks, custodians and administrators, both in Ireland and internationally. We also work closely with our global colleagues to ensure an integrated asset management solution is provided to our clients that have funds in different jurisdictions, such as in Cayman islands or the US, that share a similar investment strategy and portfolio to the Irish domiciled fund.

Our global specialist valuation team support the audit teams use bespoke tools for providing competitive valuation services. We value a range of assets and instruments, from vanilla instruments to private equity positions to more complex instruments.