Ireland is the leading European jurisdiction for the establishment and servicing of securitisation structures, with over 2,300 special purpose vehicles with a value in excess of €750m. The key drivers of Ireland's leading position are its favourable tax regime, access to double taxation agreements, the developed corporate legal system and the experienced professional market, with over 2,500 employed in this sector. Securitisation is viewed as an important financing channel and an alternative to more traditional means of raising finance.

Section 110, a provision of the Taxes Consolidation Act 1997, is, in effect, the framework for securitisation in Ireland. Section 110 companies can invest in a broad range of financial assets including shares, bonds, debt, derivatives, leases and loan receivables, commodities, contracts for insurance and machinery equipment, such as aircrafts.

Our clients comprise of the originators and related issuers of an extensive range of structured finance transactions.

  • RSM currently act as auditors and tax advisers to a large portfolio of securitisation and structured finance companies including those involved in aircraft leasing, CLO's, loan origination, bond/debt issuance and life settlement assets.
  • We also provide members voluntary liquidation assistance when these vehicles have reached the end of their life cycle.
  • Our global specialist valuation team support the audit teams and use bespoke tools for providing competitive valuation services. We value a range of assets and instruments, from vanilla instruments to private equity positions and more complex instruments.