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RSM US warns US companies with UK subsidiaries of Brexit consequences

8 June 2018
Lead Tax Partner from RSM Ireland to discuss Brexit implications and solutions.  

Aidan Byrne speaks at 'Brexit implications for US companies' event

7 June 2018
Aidan Byrne, Tax partner at RSM Ireland, has been invited to Chicago to speak at a seminar aimed at informing U.S. companies with subsidiaries in the U.K.

Julia Summerville speaking on Newstalk radio about US tax reform

24 May 2018
Following her presentation at our US tax reform seminar, Julia Summerville, Director of International Tax Services at RSM UK, speaks to Vincent Wall on Newstalk's Breakfast Business show about the impact of the legislation on businesses. 

Irish Tax Authorities release guidelines on the Tax treatment of income arising from the provision of short-term accommodation

24 April 2018
The Irish tax authorities, on April 17, issued new guidance (Tax and Duty Manual Part 04-01-20) to taxpayers on the tax treatment of the provision of short-term accommodation in cases where a landlord/tenant relationship does not exist, fo

Irish Tax Authorities release guidelines on the transfer pricing requirements for low-value intra-group services

22 March 2018
The Irish tax authorities, on March 15, provided new guidance (Tax and Duty Manual 

Charities VAT compensation scheme

12 October 2017
In recognition of the work undertaken by charities, a new scheme, announced as part of Budget 2018, will be introduced to compensate them for the VAT they incur on their inputs. Find out all the details here: More details  

My parents have offered me €30K. Do I pay tax on it?

19 July 2017
My parents have offered to give me a €30,000 deposit to buy an apartment. What are the tax implications of this?

Capital Gains Tax on a site with planning?

19 January 2017
Q: I have just read the answer to a query in the Property Clinic in The Irish Times. In it you state that one can sell one’s principal primary residence without incurring Capital Gains Tax.The site under discussion is a development site with planning permission for four houses.

Re-launch by EU of Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base (CCCTB)

4 November 2016
In October 2016, the Commission proposed to re-launch the Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base. The re-launched CCCTB will be implemented through a two-step process and will be mandatory for the largest groups in the EU.


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