12 October 2017
Aidan Byrne
In recognition of the work undertaken by charities, a new scheme, announced as part of Budget 2018, will be introduced to compensate them for the VAT they incur on their inputs. Find out all the details here: More details  
2 November 2017
Terry McAdam
RSM globally have been working with clients acorss a range of sectors to prepare them for GDPR compliance. Take a look at what we have offered clients from the following sectors in our short brochure:
11 December 2017
Terry McAdam
  RSM uses this process to help organisations achieve GDPR compliance. We have explained each step in the document below, just hit the button.
11 December 2017
Terry McAdam
Meet the GDPR experts from RSM offices across Europe. Get in touch if you have questions for any of them.  RSM GDPR experts
29 January 2018
Terry McAdam
Board members and the management of Credit Unions can often underestimate the volume of member data that they hold. This may mean understanding the potential impact of the imminent General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We take a look at some of...
1 March 2018
Terry McAdam
Full slidedeck
22 March 2018
Terry McAdam
Technology Consulting partner Terry McAdam spoke to Pat Kenny on Newstalk radio about what he has seen of GDPR so far and how he believes consumers and employers will be impacted. Listen here
28 March 2018
Catherine Corcoran Gearty
We can solve your resourcing problems.
26 October 2018
Changing focus within your workforce can significantly increase the value of your business, writes Catherine Corcoran Gearty, Head of Consulting at RSM Ireland.


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