Our History



Studio Palea was named after its founding partner, Mr. Roberto PALEA, who began his professional activity in the field of tax and corporate consulting in Turin in 1962.

Having evolved into associated form in 1981 at the initiative of its founder, the firm gradually expanded over the following 40 years before reaching its current 9-partner configuration (Roberto Palea, Gian Piero Balducci, Ivan Gasco, Maurizio Ferrero, Roberto Panero, Marcello Rabbia, Edoardo Fea, Cristiano Lenti and Anna Maria Esposito), supported by 45 professionals and relevant administrative, accounting and secretarial staff, resulting in an over 90 strong team dedicated to meeting clients’ needs.

Present in Milan since 1997, in 2001 the Turin firm founded Synergia Consulting Group, a professional alliance that brought together 13 leading professional tax & accounting firms from the major cities in Italy.

In 2010, the firm was one of the founders of RSM Tax & Advisory Italy, a consulting firm with offices in Turin, Milan and Rome, member of the RSM International network, and then, in 2014, of RSM Palea Lauri Gerla, a professional association that has evolved into the current RSM Studio Palea Lauri Gerla project. Here in Turin, we work in an integrated and synergic way with RSM Studio Palea Lauri Gerla - Milan (formerly Studio Gerla e Associati) and RSM Studio Palea Lauri Gerla – Rome (formerly Studio L4C).

Many of our professionals have experiences of lecturing in universities, conferences, and workshops, contributing as well to specialist publications.

Since its foundation, the firm has made quality of service, carried out in full respect of ethics and professional codes of conduct, its trademark, thanks to the experience and high degree of professionalism of the team of experts who, by combining technical and specialist skills, provide a wide range of services in tax, corporate and legal disciplines, both at national and international level, using advanced methodologies and a wide network of correspondents.